Saturn in Leo or Saturn in Simha Rashi

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Jothidar Ramkey

Jothidar Ramkey

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Leo is ruled by Sun which shares an inimical relationship with Saturn. Due to this inimical relationship between Sun and Saturn, these natives tend to have an aggressive personality. Sun in Vedic astrology represents father and authority, and when Saturn in placed in Leo, it causes troubles and issues between these natives and their fathers or other authoritative fathers. These natives prefer to lead a life of solitude. They desire to live like wanderers, completely free, uninhibited and undisturbed.

Saturn in Leo placement gives medium height and stature to its natives. These individuals are known to be stubborn, fixed and determined in their disposition. These natives are extremely hardworking with an eye to attain higher leadership roles and positions. They are also very skilful who are capable of handling the burden of work and responsibilities in a disciplined manner. These natives are also naturally inclined towards creative fields like writing, singing and dancing. However, they struggle to express themselves creatively even though they have plenty of talent in them. They are very loyal, steadfast and faithful partners. However, they tend to be unfortunate in the matters of love and romance.

Saturn in Leo natives tend to have an inherent fear of spotlight. This is because Saturn is afflicted in this sign which deprives them from limelight and gives some anxiety regarding it. Hence, these natives tend to lack self-confidence which causes fear of hogging the limelight. Saturn is in debilitated state in 7th from its own sign, Aquarius, Hence, these natives are generally fearful of large groups of people, communities and networks. This makes choose a life of solitude. However, if Sun is well placed, then it can make these natives comfortable with large groups of people, where they can blend in easily rather shine as a bright spot. A strong Sun also empowers these natives to be self-confident which increases the ability to cooperate and interact with large groups of people clearly and efficiently.

Ancient Vedic Astrology scriptures state that these natives will have rather low morals and dirty desires. This is mainly due to the 7th disposition since the 7th house belongs to the triangle of desires. When there is an influence of an afflicted Saturn, there will be a weakened morality especially in the fulfilment of their desires. There is also an 8th disposition which tends to add wickedness to their character thus making these natives naturally inclined towards harassing and insulting others. These natives are short-tempered, envious and angry to the core. If the Sun is ill placed, then these natives can go to the extent of performing violent and sinful acts against others in the society. However, a strong and well-placed Sun will help these natives from envious anger and low morality, which in turn negates or neutralizes all the evil effects mentioned above.

Saturn tends to completely dissolve the individualism and uniqueness of Leo which makes these natives conformists. Hence, these natives tend to respect and accept the traditional values and regulations and will refuse to accept the new ideologies or principles. Hence, these natives will lose creativity and development of unique ideas. These natives tend to lack self-confidence which prevents them from taking risks. Due to the 8th house disposition of Saturn from its own sign Capricorn, these natives will be inherently fearful or regulations, restrictions and law which tends to make these natives cautious and careful in expressing themselves. However, a strong and well-placed Sun will endow these natives with the ability to develop new and unique ideas that are in harmony with the ancient traditions.

Saturn in Leo natives tend to be jealous of others since there is an inherent lack of self-confidence. These natives also tend to perceive others as being in a better position than they are. Hence, this leads to loss in confidence and limited tendency to take risks. This is caused due to enmity between Saturn and Sun. However, a strong Sun will be able to save the natives from excessive jealousy since it strengthens the soul by making it pursue better goals in life rather than harbouring resentment and jealousy towards others.

Saturn in Leo natives have huge potential to attain a lot of power of power and authority in their life if the position of Sun is strong and well placed. Hence, they can do exceptionally well in the fields of politics and business. These natives have immense potential to become extremely successful in their field of activity. The placement of Saturn in a fixed sign Leo makes these natives stubborn, persistent and determined in pursuing their goals. They will be able to achieve their desired goals successfully.

Saturn in Leo placement indicates that these natives tend to gain plenty of wealth through long-term investments and lose wealth through short-term speculation. Hence, these natives have a great potential to earn significant gains from marketplaces and trading.

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