Ketu in Capricorn or Ketu in Makar Rashi

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Balan Panicker

Balan Panicker

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Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by Saturn, which shares a friendly relationship with Ketu. When Ketu is placed in an earth sign ruled by Saturn, it tends to increase the interest of these natives in social causes and work. Since Ketu is placed in a friendly sign, it tends to accept and boost what Saturn signifies. Individuals born under this placement tend to show plenty of interest in new things. Ketu also provides a lot of courage to these natives.

Ketu in Capricorn natives tend to shine and win in property related matters. These natives tend to strive for freedom and independence in their lives. These individuals tend to change their jobs rather frequently since they tend to get dissatisfied and bored from their workplace quickly. They love new changes in life. These natives are extremely fond of travelling and they have immense wanderlust. These natives are generally hardworking individuals who will eventually reach higher positions of power. These natives are very dutiful and responsible in life. They are extremely loyal in their friendships and relationships.

Ketu in Capricorn natives tend to very disciplined and strict in behaviour. These natives can sometimes be selfish. However, they have strong will power. This placement tends to cause mental stress to these natives. It is said in the ancient Vedic classics that Ketu in Capricorn is a very evil position since it tends to bring with it sorrow, and a tendency to brood, which is rather difficult to overcome. These natives will sometimes not know how to enjoy life and they will be ever seeking trouble, and this creates a hostile atmosphere for those who come into contact with them. Many natives with this placement tend to grow younger as each year in their lives passes.

Slowly but surely, rigid Capricorn attitudes of these natives will be dropped one by one. Then these individuals will find new security in expressing and relating their emotions more openly and honestly. In this life, these natives tend to learn as to how to apologize sincerely when they are wrong, as well as not to seek advantage over others when they are right. In due time, these natives will learn that their depressions, fears and worries are nothing but a part of a self-created martyr complex which bears little association with the current circumstances in life. These natives must then practice of detaching themselves from the insatiable need to manage everything around them.

Ketu in Capricorn placement indicates that these natives will eventually dissociate from strict regulations. They have the potential to be revolutionary social leaders since they have the powerful ability to even dissolve caste hierarchy. These natives often feel the meaningless of rules and empty laws. If they see or observe any social inequity or discriminations, they will simply walk away from social authority positions. These natives tend to ignore conventional structure and they do this by completely disregarding the class barriers that exists in any society. 

Ketu in Capricorn natives will be drawn by past-life Karma into the worlds of executive leadership, where these natives will get to meet elite rulers and leaders as they used to do in their previous life. However, in the current life, the thrill of climbing to high social rank is not even present and its completely disappeared. Their minds are more attuned to philosophical musings. These natives tend to be endowed with strong competence in the matters of social governance, however, their materialistic focus becomes scattered.

Ketu in Capricorn tend to blunt the hierarchical, caste and class sensitivities of Saturn. These natives tend to be unintentionally democratic due to their inability to trace their caste or social class identity. They can bring much distributive justice into the world fatefully due to their essential misunderstanding about their right level in the social hierarchy. This placement tends to be a favourable position for truly spiritualized social leaders or for the wandering mendicant who depend on temples and government rationing programs for physical sustenance.

When Ketu is placed in the sign of Capricorn, these natives tend to feel a natural isolation from the concept of leadership and taking responsibility. It also indicates that these natives will feel naturally isolated from working under any authority or displaying any authority over others. Hence, these natives often to stay from office politics and do their own work. These individuals are at their very best when they are working for themselves. Hence, these individuals are motivated to start something new on their own. The normal hesitant tendencies of Saturn are not present in this placement. These natives are mentally strong and intelligent as well. Hence, these individuals will have enough initiative and the courage to start new ventures which will later prove to be profitable and beneficial to these natives and those who depend on them for their livelihood.

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