Moon in Leo or Moon in Simha Rashi

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Kirti Sethi

Kirti Sethi

Based out of Mumbai , he is Celebrity Astrologer having more than 20 years experience in Vedic Astrology & Reiki Healing techniques. Regularly visits Hidamba in Manali to enhance his reiki techniques. Speaks English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

Leo is a strong zodiac sign ruled by Sun, which is a fiery planet that shares a friendly relationship with Moon. These two cosmic forces work like father and mother who balance a household despite their obvious differences. When the fire of Sun gets too tough to handle, then the watery Moon balances the energy. Moon in Leo natives tend to be confident with a strong desire to lead from the front. They like to depend on their own efforts rather than seeking someone’s help. These natives tend to put all their emotions and energy in their work and relationships.

Moon in Leo natives have excellent leadership skills and they exude enough confidence to influence the masses. They have a positive outlook towards life. Their personality is royal and magnetic. They have an eternal love for luxuries. They come across as outgoing cheerful, charitable, dutiful and responsible individuals. They tend to earn a lot of fame and recognition.

Leo Moon natives love to be in control and in spotlight. They are very passionate, ambitious, romantic and creative individuals. They have amazing management and organizing skills. They love to establish their power and authority, but they also give a sympathetic ear to anyone who needs help. These natives have a strong sense of pride and hence, they may come across as egoistic and arrogant at times. They hate silence and boredom.

Leo Moon natives love to live in the present very extravagantly with lots of style. They tend to take care of their external looks and appearance since they are concerned on how they present themselves to others. They dislike failure and hence, they take well-thought and calculated risks. Since these natives have a dynamic personality, they will be quite popular among their peers. They do not take rejection lightly and tend to get sullen since they have a lot of pride. Oftentimes, they end up playing blame game, just to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Leo Moon natives can overcome everything with their strong will power. It is a rarity indeed to find a Leo moon down in dumps. They always have the grit and determination to face any adverse situation in their lives.

Leo Moon natives are attached to their family and home. They love taking up every responsibility seriously. They love being pampered in every way. They love to be adored, admired and flattered as well. These natives are very transparent, honest and clear in their dealings with others. These natives are generous, proud, loyal and adventurous at heart. They seek to maintain their relationships wholeheartedly. They tend to be dramatic in their emotional displays. These natives prefer to be dignified and tend to show restraint from displaying too much emotions in public. However, at home, they tend to show their emotional side. Due to their integrity and a strong sense of justice, these natives are popular and respected among other people.  These individuals are highly creative. They tend to put their heart and soul into relationships when they really love someone.

Leo Moon natives are naturally gifted with leadership qualities which initiates them to take care of others and support them materially, emotionally and with their whole heart. They can be very kind, sincere and truly empathize with more underprivileged individuals. Since Leo is a fire sign, they will be idealistic and spiritual. This provides them the power to forgive others sincerely. They love to stand out from the rest of the crowd. These natives are highly intuitive and hence, they know how to behave in order to raise sympathy from others. These individuals are sincere, pleasant, warm and know how to keep emotions under control in critical situations.

Leo Moon natives will try to exhibit their expertise and proficient knowledge everywhere. Hence, it may act as suppressive force on others. They tend to be attention seekers and sometimes, they might not be understanding other people’s situation and worries. This may lead to embarrassing situations. As a result, they tend to get melodramatic and walk away to sulk during these situations.

Leo Moon Natives want to turn their feelings into physical experiences. They love to act on things before thinking through them. They are very magnanimous and passionate in the expression of their feelings. Their innate tendency for exaggeration can lead to being what others may consider insincere. Since Pride is their emotional downfall, they cannot separate emotions from ego. This ego stimulates them to consciously or subconsciously dominate emotional relationships. Since they are strongly idealistic, they are capable of great personal sacrifice for causes in which they passionately believe. They have an intensely jealous nature as well. When they end a romantic relationship, these natives tend to suffer from a wounded ego than a broken heart. They express great interest in art, architecture and design.

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