Ketu in Cancer or Ketu in Kark Rashi

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Jothidar Chandrasekaran

Jothidar Chandrasekaran

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Cancer is a cardinal water sign ruled by Moon. Ketu shares an inimical relationship with Moon as per the principles of Vedic astrology. Moon, which is the lord of Cancer indicates emotions and feelings. When Ketu is placed in this position, it tends to bestow a negative personality to the natives since it creates confusions. These natives often struggle to understand their own emotions. These natives often think of the negative possibilities than positive which makes them pessimistic. These individuals tend to have doubts in all their thoughts and opinions. Since Ketu is a shadowy planet, it tends to cast a shadow on the mind of these natives thereby creating doubts, misunderstandings and obscurity.

Individuals born with Ketu in Cancer almost always tend to feel a sense of fear, doubt and sadness. These natives are prone to develop some phobia due to the inherent fear they feel most of the time. Their mindset is quite instable and wavering in nature. These natives are prone to gastric issues. These individuals are very sympathetic to the needs of the others. They have a mindset which is naturally inclined towards spirituality and religion. They can be extremely dutiful and faithful in carrying out their spiritual duties and responsibilities. They often struggle to experience peace of mind due to their overly confusing emotional personality. They are good leaders endowed with excellent management skills which helps them to succeed in their field of activity.

When Ketu is placed in Cancer, the inner sensitivity of these natives will get naturally intensified. Hence, these natives tend to strongly crave for emotional support, security and stability. Hence, these individuals will not trust others very easily. They prefer to remain detached from people around them and their surroundings. These natives tend to experience a sea of fluctuation emotions and feelings throughout their lives.

Ketu in Cancer natives tend to be self-centred at times with a strong inclination towards a comfortable and materialistic life. These individuals will not be satisfied with the things they possess, and they will always have a desire to obtain new things throughout their lives. As per Vedic astrology, Cancer is the sign of emotions. With Ketu being placed in this sign of emotions, it will control the emotions in every possible manner. However, with this placement, these natives tend to feel all kinds of emotions in a balanced manner and they do not rigidly control their emotions. If the placement of Ketu is benefic in Cancer, then these natives will be God fearing and they will prove to be fortunate for their teachers as well as their fathers. This benefic placement of Ketu in Cancer will happen when Moon occupies the 3rd or the 4th house in the natal chart. 

Ketu in Cancer natives are known to provide very sound advice to others which will prove to be beneficial for others. Since they never face scarcity of money or wealth, they are able to help the less fortunate individuals. However, if Ketu is malefic in Cancer, it indicates that these natives will suffer from some minor health ailments and troubles within the family sphere. According to the ancient Vedic astrology classics, the placement of Ketu in Cancer is considered to be inauspicious. These individuals tend to be deprived of maternal love. These natives will also experience sudden changes throughout their lives.

Ketu in Cancer natives in their past lives had placed their emphasis on home and the environment. They had spent their past lives in various trained exercises within the domestic confines. Hence, they did not get the opportunity to go out and do things. Hence, in this present life, these individuals feel rather obliged to perform most of things in this life outside home. This is the reason why many of these natives settle in foreign countries. These natives tend to sensitive towards others which enables them to give their wealth and substance to the weaker sections of the society. In situations involving disputes and arguments, these natives are very sensible and will try to bring a peaceful solution by reaching a consensus among all the members involved in a dispute. These natives do show an increased enthusiasm towards resolving governmental issues.

Ketu in Cancer natives tend to have deeply rooted compulsive behaviour patterns which allows them to justify failures. Justification here is a form of dishonesty. Hence, these natives will experience problems in their relationships since they cannot be honest with others as they are not honest with themselves either. These natives tend to be attracted to the past, often look back into the roots and relive old experiences and memories this retaining childlike, escapist habits and emotional responses. However, this may also lead to immaturity, which manifests as a reluctance to see life as it is. This characteristic will often make these native crave for validation from others and emotional attention as well.

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