Jupiter in Pisces or Jupiter in Meena Rashi

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Deepika Jain

Deepika Jain

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Jupiter is placed in its own sign Pisces and hence it tends to be an auspicious placement for Jupiter as it feels at home here. Jupiter in Pisces natives will be blessed with a good inheritance and abundance of wealth. These natives tend to be of a medium height and healthy body constitution. These natives tend to achieve higher positions in life and career. These natives have a political as well as diplomatic nature. These natives love to travel to foreign places and will also get numerous opportunities to go there frequently.

Pisces is the natural ruler of the 12th house which indicates that these natives will be naturally inclined towards spirituality. They will possess abundant knowledge about philosophy, religion and spirituality. These natives are also blessed with a highly creative imagination. They have a huge potential to earn a lot of fame and recognition in their social circle and respect from friends and relatives. This placement tends to create virtuous and moral individuals. These natives will be very popular in their social circle since they always seek to help others in need by being empathic and sympathetic. These individuals are skilled and proficient in their field of activity. Due to the watery element of Pisces, these natives tend to attach emotionally to their religious convictions. These natives will have a strong urge to know, learn and master mystical practices.

Jupiter’s placement in a highly spiritual sign Pisces tends to create highly pure and kind individuals as per the Vedic astrology. It will enhance and amplify the positive indications of both Jupiter and Pisces. Jupiter is considered as the planet of higher wisdom and righteousness. Hence, these natives tend to be charitable, spiritual, philosophical and generous. These natives have exceptional artistic abilities attributed mainly due to their strong imagination. These natives tend to pursue their goals with pure optimism. Since these natives are naturally righteous, generous and compassionate, they will be greatly supported by the higher powers.

Jupiter in Pisces natives are generous as indicated earlier. Hence, these natives will be naturally inclined towards performing charitable deeds and participating in pious yet noble causes. These individuals tend to follow a righteous path without harbouring any hidden motives or selfish interests. These natives present a sincere and kind demeanour to others around them and also prefer to use their intelligence or wisdom instead of force of aggression. These traits make them leaders in their field of activity who will generally be followed and admired by many around them. Due to their innate selflessness and sincerity, these natives can perform great and pious deeds towards communities or societies which further extends their dignity, respect, name and fame.

Jupiter in Pisces natives are naturally inclined towards protecting righteous people. They will go to any extent to protect truth and righteousness. They do this often in an unobtrusive manner without making much noise. With that being said, these natives are very valorous. This is due to the 1st disposition formed by Jupiter placed in its own house which creates an equivalent effect to the 1st house lord in the 1st house. The first house indicates courage, vitality, initiation power, leadership skills, and general prosperity. Additionally, Jupiter in its own sign tends to extend these traits to a considerable extent. Hence, these natives are endowed with courage and ability to take charge of any situation. It also indicates that these natives will simply refuse to cooperate with evil and sinful people and often are more than willing to protect those who are on the right side of law and morality. This is due to the significance of Jupiter which indicates righteousness and morality. These natives will be proud and fearless leaders.

Jupiter has a fierce side to it since it also rules Sagittarius which is a fire sign known for its extraordinary courage and straightforwardness when it comes to protecting truth and righteousness. In dispute situations or conflicts, these natives will use gentle tactics first to resolve the issues. When these tactics fail to bring any result, then these natives can transform into extremely fierce and powerful who will even resort to force and aggression to put down the opposition. It is said in ancient Vedic classics that these natives have amazing strategic fighting tactics. Jupiter is in 4th from its own sign Sagittarius, which indicates great learning capabilities. Hence, these natives will be very well-learned about tactics on encountering the enemy and defeating them. Jupiter is Pisces casts a direct aspect upon Virgo which is the natural tenant of the 6th house. The 6th house is indicative of quarrels, disputes, fights and war. While dealing with enemies, these natives will be extremely skilled and tactical. The 12th house which is a natural home for Pisces indicates expenses. This auspicious planetary placement of Jupiter in its own sign indicates expenditure in a good way.

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