Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility
Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility


Transient, Selfwilled, Purposeful, Unyielding

Lucky Color :Purple & Black
lucky number :4
Ruling Planet :Mars
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer

Their lucky gem is Coral.


Fluctuation, Depth, Imagination, Reactive, Indecisive

Lucky Color :White
lucky number :11
Ruling Planet :Jupiter
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Virgo, Taurus

Their lucky gem is Yellow Sapphire.

Main Characteristics

When Scorpio and Pisces form a love relationship, it’s an impressive union of deep respect and great understanding. Since these signs are Water Signs, then tend to have a keen insight into each other’s hearts and lives. Scorpio can help Pisces to turn their dreams into reality by teaching them the values of focus and discipline in the achievement of goals. Pisces can help Scorpio see the big picture of life in which there are many viewpoints since Scorpio tends to see things as either black or white. Scorpio tends to get worried about Pisces’s shakiness and Pisces may perceive Scorpio as self-obsessed and insensitive. However, they will quickly forgive and forget since both signs are known to be empathetic. This relationship has all the makings of turning into an enduring one since both signs are empathetic, true, loyal and sensitive.

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