Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility
Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility


Communication, Indecision, Inquisitive, Intelligent, Chageable

Lucky Color :Yellow
lucky number :7
Ruling Planet :Mercury
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Sagittarius, Aquarius

Their lucky gem is Emerald.


Transient, Selfwilled, Purposeful, Unyielding

Lucky Color :Purple & Black
lucky number :4
Ruling Planet :Mars
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer

Their lucky gem is Coral.

Main Characteristics

When Gemini and Scorpio begin a love relationship, they must first learn to understand and accept the differences which exist between them. If they do this first act correctly, then this will be an unbreakable pair. Scorpio is mysterious, intense, focused and determined while Gemini is intellectual, adaptable, extroverted and talkative. Hence, there is bound to be heated arguments and fiery debates due to their contrasting natures. Another area of concern is when Gemini’s natural optimism and energy is dampened by Scorpio’s emotional manipulations. Flighty Gemini will leave Scorpio’s deep feelings disturbed and rattled. Scorpio can teach Gemini how to stay focussed and determined in achieving a goal rather than jumping from one project to another. Gemini can teach Scorpio the art of letting go and moving on when their efforts do not bear fruit.

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