Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility


Knowledge, Humanitarian, Serious, Insightful, Duplicious

Lucky Color :Bronze
lucky number :22
Ruling Planet :Saturn
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Leo, Sagittarius

Their lucky gem is Blue Sapphire


Security, Subtle Stregth, Apriciation, Instruction, Passion

Lucky Color :Pink
lucky number :6
Ruling Planet :Venus
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Scorpio, Cancer

Their lucky gem is Diamond.

Main Characteristics

When Taurus and Aquarius begin a love affair, they need to find out how to work together to achieve their dreams and goals. Taurus’s approach to life is sensible and down-to-earth which is completely opposite to Aquarius’s eccentric, unusual and out-of-this work approach to almost every area of their lives! Taurus is a fixed sign which does not like change and Aquarius is the visionary who lives in the future and loves change. Since these two can both be extremely prejudiced, they must not get involved in arguments. Aquarius will eventually realize that Taurus’s solid, yet strong base is comforting and supportive while Taurus will find Aquarius stimulating on all levels. Taurus can show Aquarius that life is full of emotions and it can be improved by beauty, luxury and comfort. Aquarius can teach Taurus how to strive harder for betterment and the most important lesson – the art of moving on.

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