Acharya Surendra


Vedic Astrology,Love & Relationships and Remedies

15 years of experience

Delhi NCR


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Acharya Surendra has been a Vedic Astrologer for the last 15 years. He uses Astrology to gain insight into the events that occur in a person’s life. By utilizing this information, he believes that life can be progressed towards a positive direction. Acharya Surendra believes that the Navagraha Mandala, established in the sky system, affects a person’s life. He has discovered that Astrology can help convert sorrows into happiness and solve problems by analyzing a person’s life experiences. Additionally, Acharya Surendra has consulted with thousands of individuals, and 99% of them have been satisfied with his services. His expertise lies in education, business, career, government jobs, love relationships, marriage, baby yoga, health, and all other related subjects. He has found that people’s problems can be resolved with his knowledge and God’s blessings.

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