Venus in Gemini or Venus in Mithun Rashi

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Himanshu Dubey

Himanshu Dubey

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When a feminine planet like Venus is placed in Gemini, it tends to create individuals who can be flirtatious, superficial and inconsistent at the worst. Mercury which is the ruling planet of Gemini shares a friendly relationship with Venus. Hence, these natives can be childlike and can sometimes be childish in their behaviour throwing temper tantrums if they don’t get what they want. These natives love to enjoy life to the fullest. Thy are open, frank, friendly, sociable, impatient and restless as well. These natives tend to have a fickle and shallow mindset.

Venus in Gemini natives tend to remain in excited mood, but they also lack a sense of maturity which is required to lead their lives without any troubles. Their attitude towards love and romance is also childlike. Since Gemini is an air sign, they are very optimistic in love and approach every new relationship with new hopes and expectations. They are also talkative and tend to express what they have in their minds and what they feel. Since these natives are naturally extroverted, they need friends and an active social life. This placement also gives its natives a strong inclination towards arts. These natives are extremely skilled in writing and poetry as well.

Mercury which rules Gemini is a planet of communication, both written and verbal. Venus is the planet of beauty which is strong in this sign as its dignified as per the principles of Vedic Astrology. Hence, the placement of Venus in Gemini indicates beautiful writing and speaking abilities. These natives tend to have a way of expression which is very elegant, artistic, and poetic. This can be evidenced by the fact that they enjoy creating beautiful scriptures or conversations, which radiate joy, love, warmth, hope and gratitude. Venus in Gemini produces a 9th disposition which bestows its natives with the intonation of gratitude and this disposition signifies higher values, optimism, and positivity.  Since these natives have a kind speech and beautiful voice, they are very pleasant people to communicate with. Their way of speaking tends to gather a lot of admirers around them.

This placement also blesses its natives with great financial gains and wealth since there is a combination of 9th disposition which indicates luck and fortune and 2nd disposition which signifies wealth accumulation, assets and gains. Venus is the planet of luxury while Mercury is the planet of merchants. Mercury gives the required skills and the ability to be ingenious and effective which becomes the secondary giver of wealth. A strong Venus in Gemini makes a person very wealthy,    lucky and fortunate. These natives have a unique yet amazing ability to manifest good artistic and creative ideas into reality with the intelligence provided by Mercury which is the planet of intellect. Since there is an excellent friendship between Venus and Mercury, these natives will be able to greatly enjoy wealth, luxuries and conveyances. As per the principles of Vedic Astrology, it is indicated that these natives will be blessed with abundant riches and fortune.

Venus in Gemini people are less materialistic when compared to the Venus in Taurus natives. Hence, they love to spend their resources like wealth and assets on projects, creations or hobbies instead of spending it on material comforts.  These natives tend to have a great drive for action which makes them highly successful in their field of activity. Since Venus is dignified in this placement, these natives will not be greedy. Venus is the ruler of another sign Libra which indicates the highest form of social justice and equity. Hence, these natives tend to strive for achieving social justice and harmony within their surroundings. They are extremely righteous, optimistic and hopeful as well.

Venus is the planet of beauty, harmony, and aesthetics which when placed in the planet of communication, Mercury, makes the people with this placement value conversation topics which are positive, optimistic, uplifting and enlightening. These natives rarely speak with negative intonation since they have an innate ability to express their thoughts in a way that causes no harm in the world around them. Hence, these natives have a desire to promote tolerance among various differing groups and sometimes they tend to do it on a global level. Many peacemakers and diplomats are born under this placement. This trait is provided by Venus which is justice-loving in nature.

Gemini is the sign of intelligence, which is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect. They have an innate ability to adapt, be flexible and resourceful due to the mutable modality of this sign. Venus in Gemini natives also tend to be very flexible and adaptable in nature. They are blessed with an ability to understand various complex topics without academic study or preparation. The higher intelligence levels of Venus Gemini give them the ability to understand various different sciences as per Vedic Astrology.

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