Venus in Aries or Venus in Mesh Rashi

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Deepika Jain

Deepika Jain

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Aries is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars which is also a fierce planet. Both Venus and Mars share a neutral relationship towards each other. When a watery feminine planet occupies a Mars’ sign, it can make the natives extremely assertive and expressive in their love life. These individuals tend to be cheerful and positive with a unique and distinct zeal for life. They are extremely fun-loving individuals who have a sense of excitement in their aura.  These natives tend to be excessively energetic, impulsive and impatient in the matters of love and romance.

Venus in Aries natives can be careless in their love life. Their manner of loving someone in their life is direct and straightforward. They tend to be aggressive, however, they are honest, outspoken, adventurous and enthusiastic as well. Since Venus and Mars indicate passion and sensuality and combination of these energies leads to increased sexual feelings and attraction. This placement also gives a tendency to show interest in others’ spouses. They tend to be atheistic and will be driven towards the materialistic aspects of life. They have an attractive personality. They tend to be artistic with a strong interest towards creative pursuits, beauty and fine arts.

Venus in Aries bestows its natives with physical beauty and attractiveness. Mars also blesses them with youthful looks. This placement also indicates that these natives will maintain a youthful appearance throughout life. Since Venus signifies love, its placement in Aries, ruled by a fast-moving Mars, signifies falling in love quickly. However, falling in love quickly can result in shallow or superficial attraction rather than love from the heart. Hence, these natives tend to struggle in their romantic relationships. Due this placement, these natives will try to establish their dominance in their relationships which may lead to ego fights and quarrels. In order to have a peaceful relationship, Venus in Aries natives need to find compromises with their partner.

Since Mars-ruled Aries is an adventurous sign that loves to explore, these natives tend to be adventurous in their love and relationships. These natives are restless explorers and love adventures. Hence, these natives are fond of exploring different types of partners as well. They tend to accept people who are willing to constantly explore new things in love life, be adventurous and sustain the spark always. If Mars is strong and dignified, then it guides Venus in Aries to find the perfect partner. These natives are very faithful and affectionate once they find their perfect match.

Venus in Aries natives have a passionate nature that comes from Mars their ruling planet which enhances their level of sensual desires to a great extent. These natives tend to be appealing and attractive to the members of the opposite gender with similar adventurous nature. This placement of Venus in Aries creates a very lustful, passionate and fiery style of love. However, they are a little aggressive regarding sensual pleasures which means that they would love a bit of cosplay with painful techniques and extreme emotions. If an undignified Mars guides Venus, the enhanced level of their intimate and sensual needs will result in chasing multiple partners. These natives might even resort to unethical means by taking interest in loving or wooing married or taken people to make a physical connection with them.

Since Venus is the planet of luxury while Aries is all about exploring and adventure, these natives tend to relish the lavish side of life. Venus in Aries creates a 12th disposition from Taurus which is a sign of wealth. Hence, these natives have increased expenditure due to their luxurious and hedonistic nature. They tend to spend most of their wealth in order to satisfy their needs regarding luxuries and comforts. If Mars is well placed and dignified, then these natives will be cautious about spending their money on unnecessary material comforts or luxuries. They would also be able to make wise long-term investment plans.

Venus is exiled from its own sign Libra in this placement, these natives tend to lose their softer and harmonious nature. Hence, they become rough and stiff in their behaviour. Libra denotes peace, unity, harmony and love while Aries indicates uniqueness, valour, aggressiveness and initiative. Hence, these signs are considered to be opposite sign. If there is a strong Mars to guide Venus, then it indicates that they can become famous and well-respected leaders due to their strict and disciplined character. If Mars is undignified, they lose their courage and leadership abilities. Hence, they will behave in very harsh, strict and conflicting way.

Venus in Aries natives are extremely passionate, lustful and adventurous. They require a lot of spice, adventure, fun, excitement and entertainment in order to keep them interested in long-term relationships. Venus in Aries natives are most attracted to strong and courageous partners who have lots of Mars influence in them. 

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