Venus in Aquarius or Venus in Kumbh Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

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Aquarius is a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn. Saturn shares a friendly relationship with Venus. Since Saturn is the guide to Venus in this combination, it gives hindrances in life to make these natives learn from their mistakes. When Venus is positioned in Capricorn, these natives tend to face detachment from romance and challenges in their married lives. They do not have much regard for their family, friends and society.

Venus in Aquarius natives tend to value their own freedom and personal space since they are freedom-loving in nature. They are a law unto themselves since they have their own set of rules to follow in life. They have a cool, calm and collected attitude. They are blessed with a sparkling personality which is brighter when compared to the friends around them. They exhibit a direct yet open approach to relationships and tend to share a good understanding with their life partners. These natives tend to seek more of a friend than a lover in romantic relationships. Since these natives are concerned with the social and material aspects of life, they display less interest in spiritual matters. Hence, their spiritual knowledge tends to be limited.

Aquarius is the natural occupant of the 11th house which represents ambitions, desires, social circles, networks, friends, etc. Since both Venus and Aquarius are related to desires and are generally passionate, these natives will be extremely desirous. These natives tend to be innately very passionate, sensuous, and desirous as well. This naturally enhances their love lives since they often come up with brilliant, original, ingenious and innovative ideas on how to improve their love lives. A presence of a dignified Saturn will guide these energies positively, then the natives will be blessed with an interesting relationship which is filled with abundance of passion, pleasure and sensuousness. However, an undignified Saturn can result in individuals having a plentiful amount of uncontrolled desires for sensual enjoyment. Since Aquarius is a social sign, there is a tendency to get romantically involved with multiple partners at the same time. Since they do not get the required satisfaction, these natives will keep shifting from one relationship to another.

Venus in Aquarius natives tend to be freedom-loving and love to remain socially active even when they are in a committed relationship. They tend to treat their partners as friends. Since Saturn is considered as a slow-moving planet of delay, it can cause in the delay of marriage for these natives as Venus is the planet of marriage. This delay helps them to remain free and liberal in relationships. However, their natural tendency towards postponing their commitments opens up a possibility for finding a partner with whom to build an enduring, rewarding and stable relationship. Hence, these natives tend to be cautious in their love relationships since they look for a long-term relationship which is strong and lasting.

Venus in Aquarius natives tend to prefer partners who are humanitarian, socially outgoing, compassionate, active and extroverted. They desire individuals who respect their freedom loving nature and doesn’t limit them in any way. Individuals who are eccentric are considered to be the perfect match for these natives. This placement produces a 10th disposition which indicates that their spouses will be active, ambitious and determined. There is also a 5th disposition which allows these natives to connect with their partners on an intellectual plane of thought.

The 5th disposition also indicates romance and matters of the heart. A strong and dignified Venus in Aquarius make these natives very romantic though they appear to be romantically detached initially. When in love, their romantic native gets expressed fully. Venus being placed in a socially outgoing sign like Aquarius makes these natives well recognized, famous and admired. These natives gain immense popularity with their magnetic attractiveness via their social activeness. They tend to be eccentric and unique in their thought and attitude. They are very interesting individuals who will garner enough attention from the general public. Due to their brilliant, harmonious and socially outgoing traits, these natives will be respected by their family, friends and the members of their society.

Venus in Aquarius forms a 5th and 10 disposition which bestows prominent traits of natural leaders and authoritative figures. 5th signifies ability to lead, honour, while the 10th indicates social status, rank, authority, and achievements. These natives have the potential to become great authoritative figures in their career or society. These natives tend to be quite responsible and dutiful. Hence, they are able to amass a great amount of wealth for their efforts and hard work.  These natives are also endowed with an amazing intellect and wisdom. Their inventive method of thinking will aid them if they pursue a career in the fields of art, beauty and design. They have enough resourcefulness and determination to manifest their original and intellectual ideas into reality and become prosperous in their respective fields.

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