Sun in Virgo or Sun in Kanya Rashi

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Virgo is an earth sign with dual quality with Mercury as its lord. Mercury shares a friendly relationship with Sun, which on the other hand is neutral towards Mercury. The relationship between these two planets is considered friendly. Sun in Virgo natives are very intellectual and learned. This placement also gives the natives strong communication skills as well as a brilliant analytical mind. Expertise in writing is also indicated for this placement. Hence, these natives can adopt writing as their career. They can do well in the fields of teaching and astronomy. Due to their analytic mindset which always thinks in logical manner, they can do exceptionally well in debates too. These natives can be experts in the field of astrology as well since they can process lots of complex information. In addition to the above, these natives are skilled and proficient in mathematics so any field involving calculations and logic would benefit these natives greatly.

Sun in Virgo natives can also be experts in the field of Mechanics, Hardware, Aeronautics and Space Science. These individuals are inclined towards creative and artistic fields like singing, playing musical instruments, acting, dancing and so on. Sun in Virgo gives the natives a polite yet humble manner and gentle speech too. They are practical and realistic as well. In addition to having a rational mindset, these natives have religious faith and are often spiritually refined.

Sun in Virgo is in 2nd from its own sign Leo. Herein the 2nd indicates wealth, assets, family values, self-values, speech. According to the ancient scriptures, these natives are endowed with a beautiful constitution of the body. This placement gives its natives a soft and feminine body constitution. Mercury is a natural benefic which further intensifies this effect. Natural benefic planets are well known for giving pleasant outer beauty. The facial features of these natives are endowed with inherent brilliant shine, glow and attraction.

Sun in Virgo natives are well learned and skilled communicators and writers. This is mainly due to the influence of Mercury that rules Virgo. Hence, a dignified Sun enhances these skills. When Sun is in Virgo, it gives its vital force and energy to Mercury to produce a talented and wise person who is especially skilled in publishing, communication, translation, marketing and writing in general. Additionally, these natives are well-versed and proficient in various sciences and scriptures. Their style of speech is smooth, polite and generous.

Sun in Virgo being in 2nd from its own sign Leo is considered auspicious in Vedic Astrology since 2nd house signifies wealth and accumulated assets. In addition to the above, Mercury is considered as a planet of skills, calculation and merchants. Since these natives have analytical ability and strategic thinking skills, they can be extremely skilful in financial management and merchandising which in turn will help them to accumulate massive wealth. Their mentality is strategic which helps them to solve complex problems with ease.  This placement also indicates significant monetary gains. Additionally, a dignified Sun makes the natives financially responsible.

Sun in Virgo natives are disciplined and punctual. Hence, a dignified Sun makes them extremely well organized and punctual. They are focused on completing their tasks in a punctual manner. Even the most complex tasks do not stand in their way since they are very determined and persistent in finishing up these tasks by the required deadline.

People with Sun in Virgo are also experts in debating. By using their intellect and excellent arguments backed by string logic, they can easily defeat their opponents. Their critical mentality can sometimes create tensions in their relationships with others as there are many individuals out there who do not like criticism. Since they are inherently very punctual perfectionists, these natives can notice every little detail and make note of it. In some cases, they can point out the faults in others thereby causing unnecessary friction with others.

Sun in Virgo natives are efficient and devoted in their service to others. Hence, in the field of emergency medical services, they are practical, swift and precise. They have a positive aura which provides relief to the people around them.

Since Virgo is an earth sign, it gives extra stability to the nature of people having this placement. Since these native are endowed with a patient and stable mindset, they can stay calm and patient even during the most stressful conditions.

Sun in Virgo natives possess a wealth of knowledge in the field of mathematics, astrology and various sciences. In addition to the above, they are skilled in the field of engineering and are knowledgeable about fixing various things such as vehicles, gadgets (electrical and electronic), or even machinery. Their ruling planet Mercury gives them this logical cognitive power which makes them innately cerebral. Attention to detail, high powers of concentration and a wide perspective are their mental strengths.

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