Sun in Taurus or Sun in Vrishabh Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

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Taurus is a fixed earth sign with Venus as its ruler and lord. Sun is a masculine fiery planet while Venus is a feminine watery planet. It means that the royal, authoritative, radiant, brilliant, self-centred, dominant, powerful and enterprising fire planet Sun is combined with stable, persistent, down-to-earth, realistic, practical, generous, loving fixed sign Taurus. This is generally a difficult and unfavourable position for Sun as sharing inimical relationship with Venus, ruler of Taurus. On account of this enmity, such natives are stubborn, obstinate, jealous, rigid and lazy. 

Hence, they are opposite to each other, so the placement of Sun in Taurus is not considered positive in Vedic Astrology. Natives of this placement face many difficulties and challenges in life. Since Venus is a guiding planet to Sun in this sign, the placement of Venus is important as it can reduce the negative effects and produce positive results. If Venus is placed in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th from Sun in the birth chart, then it can neutralize the enmity with the Sun. Hence, it can produce great results for the natives.

Sun in Taurus people tend to be good-looking, humble and patient. They are wise, with great knowledge of fine arts like singing, dance and music. They can learn and master the art of playing musical instruments. They love beautiful sounds, notes and music. This interest is mainly due to the influence of Venus, which includes the beauty of melody and sounds. They have a good ear for music. They will even opt for a career in these performing arts.

Taurus being the second zodiac sign which indicates wealth and possessions while Sun is the planet of vital energy. Hence, the energies of these natives are mainly focussed on accumulating and maintaining resources. They show a natural inclination to accumulate precious assets and valuables. However, the position of sun in its enemy sign causes various financial hardships. In order to avoid these financial struggles and losses, they develop the habit of accumulating more than spending. However, if Venus is dignified, the native is saved from great monetary losses. In this case, the natives are usually wealthy, endowed with a luxurious lifestyle. Significant financial gains are indicated for the natives born under this placement.

Since the Sun is placed in its enemy sign, the native’s natural tendency to hoard huge amounts of wealth can be considered unhealthy. These individuals will be neglecting other areas of their lives like family and health which will affect them in the long run. Since they are hesitant in spending their money on expenses for nutrition, their health will have a resulting impact. Due to this placement, the health of these natives is not robust, and they mainly suffer from lack of immunity and weakness. They are especially vulnerable to diseases related to face or eyes. The excessive attachment to wealth can impact their social lives as they seem unwilling to spend for their friends or relatives. When Venus is well placed and strong, it reduces the enmity factor thereby enabling the natives to strike a right balance between expenditure and saving.

Taurus Sun natives disrespect base people who are immoral and behave in a foolish manner. This trait is given by its ruler Venus which signifies harmony, balance, diplomacy and beauty. However, it makes these natives snobby since they prefer only intelligent and glamorous people around. When provoked, their way of expression can become impure and harsh.

According to ancient scriptures, Sun in Taurus indicates admiration of various clothing styles, fashion, perfumes, luxurious dishes, and drinks. In addition to admiring these things, these natives also love to possess these materials in abundance. This means that they take special care of their appearance. Since Taurus is a sign that loves a luxurious lifestyle, it may cause some financial difficulties due to excessive spending of wealth.

People with this combination are blessed with a charming personality and an attractive body. This is mainly due to Venus which indicates beauty and Sun signifies the general personality and body constitution. According to Vedic Astrology, Taurus is associated with face, hence Sun gives special facial charm and beauty to these individuals. However, as these are enemy planets, Taurus Sun natives can be inflexible and shy at the same time. If Venus is well placed and dignified, it indicates being socially outgoing and pleasant.

There is a combination of a fixed mode and stable earth sign which will make the people born under this sign very persistent and determined. Due to these traits, they can rise to prominence by reaching high positions of power. Most of the natives born under the Sun in Taurus are likely to have love marriage. This is due to the placement of Venus which indicates love and Leo (ruled by Sun) is the sign of love and romance.

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