Sun in Libra or Sun in Tula Rashi

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OP Rathore

OP Rathore

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Libra is an air sign with Venus as its ruler and lord. Sun is a masculine energy with fire element while Venus is a feminine energy with watery element. Both these planets are enemy towards each other. In addition to the above, Sun in debilitated in Libra. Hence, this placement is considered a malefic position for Sun since it makes the native suffer and incur contempt of authority. These natives can face a lot of frustrations, tensions and devastation in life. Sometimes, there might be heavy financial losses due to high yet unwanted expenditure. Sun in Libra makes the natives harsh, manipulative, jealous, unprincipled and immoral. They tend to become selfish and live only for their own needs.

This malefic positioning causes lack of immunity, loss of willpower and watery mouth. Even if they work hard towards their goals, they find it difficult to yield the results they want. Throughout their life, they will have to struggle more since fame and fortune doesn’t come easily to these natives. In order to relieve the stress in life, these natives undertake long journeys and visit foreign places.

Sun in Libra is in 3rd from its own sign Leo. Herein the 3rd signifies courage, will-power, motivation, self-made efforts, communication, mental strength and purity. However, if the debilitation of Sun gets cancelled if there is a strong and dignified Venus, which is the guiding planet to the Sun in this sign.

Sun being the brightest celestial body in our solar system tends to have all the attention and spotlight in it. However, as per astrology, Sun fails to achieve this in Libra, which indicates society, harmony, balance and equity. Sun in meant to be unique, special and different, however, while in Libra, its forced to blend in with everyone else thus killing its true form or expression.

Though there are indications that Sun’s vitality and inner energy is highly damaged in Libra, this combination will promote business trading since Libra signifies marketplace and entrepreneurship. Libra is also a sign of trading. Hence, in their worldly lives, these natives perform relatively well in trading and business as they are attracted to wealth and will do anything to achieve their worldly goals. In pursuit of their materialistic desires, they tend to strive persistently with lots of will power and determination.

However, since their Sun in in debilitated position, these natives can resort to immoral, unethical and sinful deeds in order to get what they want. Hence, there is a need to apply double the effort in order to succeed righteously as they lack the natural charisma, fame and luck which is naturally bestowed by the Sun. The reason for their sinful or deceptive acts is the lack of courage and fear of others taking their place. Hence, they adopt unethical techniques to ensure their standing in society, business or career.

Sun in Libra indicates fallen or lost souls. These natives face many disgraces and insults during the first few years of their lives due to which they become egoistic, ungracious and overly sensitive during the tough times. If the Venus is well placed and dignified, it also saves the soul from being immoral and unethical. Hence, the strength of the ruling planet – Venus determines the outcome of the natives on how they lead their worldly existence.

When Sun is fallen in Libra, it indicates issues with the father. There may be a strained relation between Sun in Libra natives and their fathers, or their fathers can be very distant due to variety of reasons. However, a strong and dignified Venus can direct the energies of a weakened Sun to more ethical and principled paths which reduces the failures, disasters and scandals.

Since these natives have a habit of chasing their dreams in a selfish manner which is not righteous, they often fail in their pursuits. These natives often express themselves in a very criticizing and stingy way which directly offends others. Hence, the best remedy for these natives is to get themselves involved in spiritual matters and practise living a holy lifestyle which will boost their prosperity in the long run.

According to the principles of Vedic Astrology, this placement can make the natives greedy and addicted to wealth. In their lives, greed not only causes financial issues but also issues in relationships with other people. Driven by greed, they tend to commit many sins and immoral acts against others who are successful. However, a well-placed, strong and dignified Venus can direct the Sun to bless the natives of this sign with success and prosperity. In some cases, there is a cancellation of debilitation in the birth chart which can lead to the formation of a very powerful Neecha Bhagna Raja Yoga which will bless the natives with affluence, wealth, power, authority and immense success.

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