Saturn in Scorpio or Saturn in Vrishchik Rashi

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Balan Panicker

Balan Panicker

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Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which shares an inimical relationship with Saturn. Scorpio is the natural occupant of the 8th house in the horoscope. Saturn in Scorpio natives have huge potential to become excellent researchers or amazing archaeologists. They tend to delve deep into the depth of things and never satisfied about the surface level information. Scorpio is a sign that likes to contemplate, and even Saturn does the same, which signifies seriousness and solitude. Hence, these natives tend to be serious and reserved in nature, but they are extremely strong-willed as well. These natives are very inquisitive who like to find out the reason behind everything which makes them excellent detectives, analysts and scientists. This placement tends to bestow its natives with plenty of aggression which makes these individuals display a dominating personality to others around them.

Saturn in Scorpio natives are very adventurous and risk-taking in nature. These natives hare endowed with surplus amounts of energy due to the influence of their ruling planet, Mars.  However, due to their aggression and superiority complex, they face minor health issues. They tend to struggle in remaining calm and reflective since there is a lot of hidden yet turbulent emotions seething beneath the surface of their dominating exterior. These natives tend to have a strong desire and drive to succeed but they are very secretive and mysterious. These natives often tend to spend excessively on things which don’t have much use for them.

Saturn in Scorpio natives tend to suffer from sudden failures, punishments and penalties. This is mainly due to the affliction of Saturn in Scorpio. Scorpio represents sudden events, obstacles, losses and failures. Saturn is in debilitated position in Scorpio which indicates that these natives will resort to immoral acts, evil behaviour or sinful deeds against others which can result in sudden punishments or events that cause great losses to these natives.

Ancient Vedic classics state that these natives tend to be secretive and cunning. These natives tend to achieve their goals through trickery and deceit which may cause harm to others. Saturn is damaged in 10th from its own sign Aquarius, which indicates ingenious ideas and inventive thinking. Hence, these natives can be extremely cunning by using their ingenious ideas and acting in evil ways in order to reach positions of power and authority. Since these natives are very secretive, they often tend to deceive others and backstab as well. This is due to Scorpio which signifies everything hidden, secretive, and mysterious. Since Saturn is afflicted in this sign, it makes these natives naturally inclined towards doing bad deeds against others secretly.

Saturn in Scorpio individuals often do not experience much success, growth or increase in position or status in their life. Hence, they will naturally feel resentment and jealousy towards others, which causes them to commit cunning and sinful acts against others. Saturn is placed in 10th and 11th from its own signs Capricorn and Aquarius respectively. It is also in afflicted state which causes a lack of fulfilment of desires and inability to reach higher positions or attain influential status or social rank. Ancient Vedic classics also state that these natives tend to be immoral and unethical who are also bereft of righteousness in their character. Their negative energies tend to make these natives miserable in life. However, if Mars is strong and well placed, then these natives will eventually learn from their sinful acts and avoid repeating it at any cost which also enables them to strictly follow law, morals and ethics. A strong Mars also empowers these natives to develop an extremely strong respect towards justice and righteousness. Hence, these natives can become very vindictive and capable of punishing people who commit immoral acts in a very aggressive or ruthless manner.

Saturn is Scorpio produce individuals who are ruthless and fierce with a strong desire to gain power and authority. Hence, these natives are willing to do absolutely anything in order to obtain their goals. Their hardworking nature, persistence, tenacity and determination is unparalleled while working towards a goal. However, their determination can negatively lead to selfishness, greediness and excessive interest in materialism which often causes them to commit immoral or sinful acts. However, if Mars is strong and dignified, it can benefit these natives by enabling them to act righteously but with their fierce determination and aggression provided by this placement.

Scorpio which is the natural occupant of the 8th house represents upheavals and disasters. The placement of Saturn in this sign tends to put these natives under a lot of stress for most part of their lives. They often live in a constant fear of being attacked emotionally and physically. However, if Mars is strong or dignified, it endows these natives with great endurance, strength and power of intuition as per the principles of Vedic astrology.

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