Saturn in Sagittarius or Saturn in Dhanu Rashi

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Deepika Jain

Deepika Jain

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Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which is considered to be the most benefic planet in Vedic astrology. This combination of Saturn in Sagittarius means that the cold, strict, slow moving, patient, justice-loving, authoritative planet Saturn is combined with adventurous, charismatic, philosophical, righteous, energetic mutable fire sign Sagittarius. Saturn shares a neutral relationship with Jupiter. This placement of Saturn in Sagittarius makes these natives spiritual. These natives tend to have a serious approach to deeper topics like religion, philosophy and education. These natives are extremely hardworking, sincere and disciplined in nature.

Saturn in Sagittarius natives are very smart, skilful and proficient in their field of activity. They are very adept in getting things done from others and they do so in a very quiet and unobtrusive manner. These natives are strongly inclined towards teaching and spiritual books. They have a huge potential to become popular and famous in their life. These natives tend to lead happy lives, are faithful to their life partners and are blessed with obedient children. These natives also seek a peaceful atmosphere for everyone to flourish. Hence, they will be actively involved in performing charitable deeds.

Saturn in Sagittarius natives tend to show string inclination towards righteous acts within communities and groups of people. This is due to the resonance which Saturn, a planet of karma and cosmic law finds in the harmonious environment of Sagittarius, which represents morality, higher wisdom and righteousness.

Ancient Vedic astrology sources state that these natives will be well-behaved, intelligent and learned. Due to the favourable positioning of Saturn in this sign, these natives will be bestowed with plenty of wisdom and intelligence in relation to higher studies, including philosophy, psychology, law, morality, theology, Vedic sciences, astrology, etc. These natives are very generous in nature and will act morally and ethically, and also perform their acts in spiritual and holistic manner.

It is said in the ancient Vedic scriptures that these natives will be famous and well-known by social circles or communities for their good and moral behaviour. This is due to the 11th disposition caused by Saturn being placed in 11th from its own sign Aquarius. The 11th represents celebrity status or having lots of recognition from their community members.

Saturn in Sagittarius natives are known for their soft, polite and warm behaviour. This effect is given by the 12th disposition in which Saturn is placed in 12th from its another own sign Capricorn. The 12th signifies the loss of something as per Vedic Astrology. Herein, these natives tend to loss coldness and harshness that is normally associated with Capricorn. Hence, these individuals tend to be flexible, warm and accommodative.

Saturn in Sagittarius natives tend to be less disciplined who dislike hierarchy and similar organizational structures. These individuals love freedom, liberty and equality rather than heavy and stringent laws which are restrictive in nature. These natives prefer to live on a spiritual plane of thought which makes them detached from the commonplace law and regulations which is a 12th significance. This results in attracting enemies who are more attached to the worldly ways than spiritual laws. These natives will have disputes and clashes with people who are more material than spiritual. However, the 11th disposition which represents gains, profits, fulfilments of desires, and communities. Hence, these natives tend to be deeply humanistic with a strong desire to be involved with communities in order to order to fulfil objectives regarding philosophy, faith, and religion. Saturn in this sign casts a direct aspect upon Gemini which signifies intelligence and communication. Hence, these natives tend to be endowed with strong communication skills which enables them to share their inventive ideas with large groups of people. These natives are also blessed with immense intelligence in their field of activity.

Saturn in Sagittarius natives tend to be philosophical, righteous, intelligent, wise, scholarly and well-educated. These natives tend to be rigid in their religious beliefs and often lead strict ethical and moral lives. They prefer following ancient and traditional teaching while learning the knowledge of higher wisdom and philosophy. These natives have the capability to understand the complex and abstract subjects like astronomy, quantum physics, astrology, mathematics, geology, nuclear physics and occult sciences.

Saturn is placed in Sagittarius, which is ruled by the planet of wealth Jupiter. This indicates that these natives will gain riches by performing good deeds. Since Saturn is a restrictive planet which causes delay, these natives will be blessed with abundant gains in later part of their lives after overcoming the hindrances created by the 12th disposition. These natives tend to consider their gains as secondary when compared to the value they wish to give to the world around them. The 11th disposition indicates that these natives will experience success and gains through communities and large groups which are related to education, religion and spirituality.

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