Saturn in Pisces or Saturn in Meena Rashi

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OP Rathore

OP Rathore

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Pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by Jupiter. Saturn shares a neutral relationship with Jupiter and vice-versa. The individuals with this placement tend to be devoted to spirituality. These natives have an immense potential to become spiritually liberated. When Saturn in placed in Pisces, these natives tend to become deep thinkers. These natives tend to immerse themselves in deep study of any subject. Saturn in this placement helps these natives arrive at better decisions through good judgement skills.

Saturn in Pisces natives tend to be sacrificing in nature. They have strong liking for fine arts. These natives tend to play a prominent role among their friends and relatives since they are good at disciplining and making policies. These natives tend to be polite, wealthy, compassionate, sensitive and loyal. These natives have a huge potential to earn a lot of wealth and they are strong driven towards attaining it. They will carve out a niche in creative fields such as arts, music and literature. These natives tend to be good learners who have a naturally confident approach towards studies. They always tend to seek a bright future by working hard towards it.

Saturn in Pisces natives are naturally inclined towards performing good deeds towards society. These natives tend to have a beautiful old age and destiny. Since Saturn is friendly towards the ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, it signifies auspicious outcomes regarding old age and destiny. They tend to perform kind, humble and generous acts throughout life due to which they will have a happy old life and afterlife for the soul. 

Ancient Vedic astrology sources also state that these natives will be blessed with great children, who will behave morally and responsibly. This result is provided by Jupiter which is the planet of progeny. Since Saturn is friendly towards Jupiter, it tends to influence the matters of progeny beneficially giving good behaviour, character and a selfless soul to them.

Saturn in Pisces natives are naturally endowed with an ability to attain great leadership and authoritative positions in life. Since Saturn is strong in Pisces, it indicates that these natives will be moral, ethical, righteous, and able to lead large groups of people. These natives tend to get immense support from the members of their community for their moral and ethical character, which is also the reason for their high reputation and authority. They generally tend to have a great influence over large groups of people in their community or work area.

Saturn in Pisces natives tend to sacrificial, humble, polite, righteous and peaceful. These are the indications of the 12th sign Pisces which represents loss of something or letting go of something. Hence, these natives have a sacrificial nature. Their righteousness is given by the ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, which signifies higher morals, ethics and righteousness. Since Saturn is well placed in Pisces, these natives tend to be very righteous and hardworking as well.

The Vedic astrological classics indicate that these natives will be skilled in various professions like interior designing, civil engineering, and architecture. It is because Saturn rules over Capricorn which is indicative of work, career and occupation. This placement produces a 3rd disposition in which Saturn is in 3rd from its own sign, Capricorn. The 3rd house signifies skills, talents, and efforts. Hence, these individuals tend to naturally skilled, talented and hardworking in their respective professions. Since Saturn signifies constructions and buildings, these natives tend to be very skilled and proficient in construction, architecture and related jobs.

Saturn in Pisces natives take the primary responsibility in leading their homes and families by being the head of the family. This is caused by the 2nd disposition produced by this placement in which Saturn is placed in 2nd from its own sign, Aquarius. The 2nd house indicates family matters, values, etc. Since Saturn is well placed in Pisces, these natives will be endowed with traits of morality, maturity and responsibility which will make them the best amongst their family members. It also can make them lead or guide their family members responsibly.

Saturn in Pisces natives are extremely skilled in the accumulation of wealth and conservation of various assets. This positive outcome is also provided by the 2nd disposition since the 2nd signifies accumulated wealth and treasures. Since Saturn is favourably placed in the sign of its friend, it indicates auspicious results regarding the accumulation of wealth. Hence, these natives tend to be very skilled in financial matters and know how to invest assets wisely in order to get the desired returns or gains.

Saturn in Pisces natives have all the traits of a good character person like righteousness, honesty and kindness. In addition to these wonderful traits, these individuals are very sacrificial and disciplined while fulfilling their duties. They have a high sense of responsibility for their actions which naturally empowers them to perform various noble deeds towards their society.

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