Saturn in Gemini or Saturn in Mithun Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

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Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and it shares a friendly relationship with Saturn. Saturn in this sign affects the judgment of its natives since Mercury is the indicator of wisdom. These natives tend to be deceptive at times, however, it also makes the natives vulnerable to addiction. They natives tend to wander a lot. Sometimes, they tend to become mean and selfish. They lack stability and organization in life. They often lead a messy lifestyle.

Saturn in Gemini tends to make its natives narrow-minded in their approach. The beneficial aspect of this placement is that it makes its natives naturally interested in chemical and mechanical sciences. These individuals are known to be very systematic and logical in their approach. They are blessed with exceptional reasoning ability. These natives tend to be very resolute who have great problem-solving skills. They natives tend to do due diligence before making any moves. When faced with critical situations or emergencies, these natives face problems in a calm and collected manner. They tend to remain calm even under extreme pressure. However, these natives tend to be slow learners and will find it hard to process new information.

Saturn in Gemini natives are very serious, systematic, and careful in their speech and thought processes. This is due to the influence of Saturn over the sign of communication, which is ruled by Mercury. Ancient classical sources indicate that these natives will be hard working, ingenious, but will be bereft of virtue and morality while doing so. Saturn is the planet of hard work while Mercury is the planet of wit, intelligence, communication and information transfer. Hence, the placement of Saturn in this sign makes them extremely clever with ingenious ideas. It also makes its natives hardworking towards their goals. However, the reason behind their secrecy, cunning and selfishness is due to the 6th house disposition, which indicates enemies and competition.

Ancient Vedic scriptures state that these natives will in danger of becoming extremely immoral and strongly hypocritical. They will become perverse as well in which they say one thing but do the other thing.  There are indications that these natives will give bad advice to mislead others. The 6th disposition endows its natives with enough cunning and cleverness to deceive others with their words and thoughts. If Mercury is weak or ill-placed, then these natives will be inclined to use their intelligence in an immoral manner to achieve their selfish goals. It also indicates that these natives can become corrupt who will even go to the extent of cheating and betraying their friends and family members. However, when Mercury is strong or well-placed, it tends to prevent these natives from becoming corrupt, manipulative and hypocritical.

Saturn in Gemini natives have a style of communication which is harsh, bad and dishonest. This is due to the malefic influence of Saturn in this placement. Ancient Vedic scriptures also state these natives will have plenty of debts and financial difficulties which will deprive them of happiness in their lives. There will be delay in gaining profits as well due to the influence of Saturn which is the planet of delay. However, if Mercury is strong and well placed, then these natives will be endowed with entrepreneurial wisdom and luck which also helps them to gain immense profits and significant financial return on investments.

Saturn in Gemini natives tend to make very carefully analysed, well thought out and extremely rational arguments and statements. Due to their overthinking, these natives will be hesitant in their way of speaking and also slow in responding to others. These natives are more concerned about the quality of their speech than the quantity of it. The 6th disposition also makes these natives critical, argumentative and quarrelsome. These natives tend to display interest in discussions that are intelligent, uplifting and inspiring. Hence, they avoid talking on unnecessary things in life.

Saturn in Gemini placement tends to give its natives strong pillars of thought process as per the principles of Vedic astrology. Though these natives are slow learners, they tend to learn perfectly well and thoroughly. These natives are extremely capable of understanding and explaining the deep things of life at a molecular level. There is also a beneficial 5th disposition which lends creativity to the thought process of these natives. Hence, these natives can be exceptional in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology and chemistry. Since the 5th disposition also denotes reputation, these natives can become famous in their field of activity. They can shine brilliantly in the fields of designing, fine arts, mechanics, robotics, artificial intelligence and architecture. These natives will also be fortunate regarding new creative and inventive ideas.

Saturn in Gemini natives are well aware of laws, rules and regulations. Hence, they tend to carry a sense of moral responsibility to abide by these laws.

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