Saturn in Aquarius or Saturn in Kumbh Rashi

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OP Rathore

OP Rathore

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Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn. Hence, its placement in its own sign tends to bring out then positive outcomes for its natives. Saturn in Aquarius natives tend to be very accommodative. They accommodate a lot of emotions and secrets as well. These individuals are very flexible in their mindset and also justice-loving in nature. These natives tend to be compassionate who love to serve others. They have great judgement skills. These natives tend to have strong leadership skills. They tend to show the right path to others. The have a huge and varied social circle.

Saturn in Aquarius natives have amazing powers of concentration. These natives are very egalitarian and believe in equality. These natives tend to have a prudent and practical approach in life. They tend to work hard towards the betterment of themselves as other people. These natives are unbiased and consider both sides of the argument in order to reach a rational decision. They make great and loyal friends. These natives are very philosophical and intellectual. However, these individuals are prone to self-pride, which makes them loners. They tend to get strongly addicted to women and wine in their lives.

Saturn in Aquarius natives tend to prefer solitude since it expands their mind and stabilises their deep thought processes. These individuals introspect a lot on how to implement their wisdom in the society for the well-being and efficient functioning of the world. Ancient Vedic astrology scriptures state that these natives will be blessed with the fulfilment of desires and materialistic success. The reason for this effect is the fact that Aquarius indicates the fulfilment of desires, ambitions and materialistic desires. Saturn in its own sign tends to strengthen and protect these indications thus enabling such natives to become wealthy and prosperous. These natives have the wisdom, motivation, drive and ambition to fulfil their goals and aspirations. These natives tend to strive for financial stability and freedom. The auspicious placement of Saturn in its own sign enables them to achieve financial stability.

Saturn in Aquarius natives tend to have a deeply rigid, straightforward, rude and unpleasant way of expressing themselves through words. This placement creates a 2nd disposition in which Saturn is in 2nd from its own sign Capricorn in the 11th house. The 2nd house represents speech. Saturn is cold, rigid, and ruthless planet that gives intonation to the voice and rigid style of speaking to these natives. However, since Saturn is well placed, these natives will have a style of speech that is polite, moral and coherent with every law and order.

Ancient Vedic classics state that these natives will be famous in their community. Aquarius is a sign which represents communities, friendships and social circles. In this placement, Saturn casts a direct aspect upon Leo, which signifies name, fame and reputation. Since Saturn in strong in its own sign, it will bestow its natives with auspicious results like worldwide fame and social reputation.

Saturn in Aquarius natives are blessed with a broad mental outlook and scientific wisdom of how things work together in this universe. These natives have the perfect understanding on how human behaviour will influence the nature, economy, and world in general. With this understanding and knowledge, these natives have a huge potential to become leaders of their community, social life, city or even world depending on the position of planets in their natal chart.  There are two astrological significances which bestows its natives with leadership abilities. First astrological significance is due to Saturn which rules Capricorn, which signifies power, authority, high social rank, and status. Second reason is attributed to the direct aspect of Saturn in Aquarius upon Leo, which indicates leadership, authority, royalty and kingship. These individuals are endowed with knowledge on how to bring people together to form communities. These natives have a deep yet strong desire to create networks for higher purposes to influence the lives of others in the world. These natives have the potential to lead complex situations and large groups of people by bringing them together to work on a common purpose.

Saturn in Aquarius natives tend to be very humanitarian which enables them to become humble and righteous leaders who are very altruistic. They are very accommodative individuals who are always ready to listen to the ideas of other members in their community. They can easily blend in with their society which empowers them to connect with others easily. These natives are very philanthropic in nature which enables them to launch charitable causes and projects in the world. Aquarius signifies sensual desires which makes them naturally inclined towards excessive enjoyment of sensual pleasures with the members of the opposite sex. These natives tend to work hard in order to become wealthy and prosperous. These natives are naturally bestowed with all kinds of materialistic happiness due to the auspicious placement of Saturn in its own sign.

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