Rahu in Virgo or Rahu in Kanya Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

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Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by an airy planet, Mercury. Rahu is an airy planet as well, however, it is placed in an earth sign. Since Mercury shares a beneficial relationship with Rahu, Rahu’s air will push the natives to ascend higher, but the earth element of Virgo will keep these natives grounded at the same time. Rahu is the karaka of skill while Mercury is a planet of wit and intelligence. Hence, these individuals will do brilliantly well in the field of management.  Rahu in this placement tends to provide a strong urge to earn great popularity and fame in life.

Rahu in Virgo natives are endowed with huge amounts of courage and determination. These natives are not even afraid of their enemies and are usually victorious. These individuals tend to suffer from minor health issues sometimes. They are also bestowed with good communicative and argumentative abilities which makes them great debaters and negotiators. These natives have immense potential to do well in the field of politics since this placement endows its natives with these skills. These natives tend to enjoy leadership and authoritative positions in government fields as well. They have enormous potential to be successful in their own businesses as well. Due to their immense intelligence, they can become excellent writers. However, these natives will have to endure a lot of tough circumstances and some sufferings before attaining success. 

Rahu in Virgo natives tend to be very flexible in their thought processes who are extremely capable of adapting to various situations and conditions with relative ease. If Mercury is dignified in this combination, it indicates that these natives will use their abilities in a resourceful manner. They will be adaptable as well as very accommodative to ethical standards and activities. However, if Mercury is undignified, then these natives can turn out to be very tricky, deceptive and cunning individuals. Hence, these natives will use their adaptability for their selfish gains by deceiving and tricking others with various illusions or lies. Their adaptable nature enables these individuals to change behaviour and attitude easily and quickly which makes it easier to hoodwink others.

Rahu in Virgo natives have a high cognitive flexibility which means that they have an inherent ability to respond to changing trends and adapt their mental strategies as per the circumstances.  Virgo is ruled by Mercury which is the planet of mental intelligence and swiftness. Hence, these natives can easily switch between different ideas and multiple concepts. These natives are endowed with the ability to think of different ideas and concepts simultaneously in a concurrent manner. Since they are bestowed with these amazing cognitive traits, they can possess multiple skillsets which makes them versatile which invariably help them to succeed, grow and evolve in ever-changing environments. If Mercury is dignified, then these natives will use these traits for ethical purposes.

Rahu, the master of illusion will help these natives to be very efficient in this materialistic world. These natives can be extremely resourceful who have the ability to productively harness their skills into action. However, if Mercury is undignified, then these natives can end up using their versatile skillsets in order to prosper in unethical and illegal activities.

According to the principles of ancient Vedic astrology classics, Mercury is a planet that represents communication skills and analytical abilities. Hence, Rahu amplifies these characteristics in natives born under this placement.  Therefore, these individuals will have great communication skills. They will be extremely sociable as well. Their analytical thinking method will also influence their style of communication. This enables these natives to use logical reasoning in order to win over any debate with efficient use of words. If there is a dignified Mercury, it indicates that the combination of analytical abilities and communication skills will help these natives to prosper in activities that need swift information transfer, complex analysis, etc. These natives have enormous potential to do well in the fields of television, worldwide web or other ventures that require information transfer through various platforms. However, when Mercury is undignified, it indicates an illogical mindset but an expert in fooling people at the same time. These natives have an uncanny ability to manipulate and influence others with very illogical arguments.

Virgo is a sign which is famous for its perfectionist tendency and argumentative nature. It is also known for its mastery of detail while Rahu is known for its mastery of illusion or matter. Hence, these natives tend to exhibit excessive attention to little details and notice things which most people overlook. The influence of an aggressive shadowy planet, Rahu will make these natives extremely choosy, indifferent and quarrelsome. If Mercury is dignified in this placement, then their enhanced attention to details will benefit them immensely. However, if Mercury is undignified, then these natives can use their punctuality to initiate useless arguments, quarrels, litigation and disputes.

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