Rahu in Pisces or Rahu in Meena Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

A very experienced Astrologer having expertise in Vedic Astrology , KP Astrology & Vastu. A Very talented multi-linguistic personality. Speaks Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

Pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by Jupiter. Rahu is connected with spirituality, deep meditation, intuition and mysteries. It also represents the desires. Pisces is a water sign associated with dreams, imagination and the world of fantasies. The placement of an airy planet in a water sign tends to add depth and substance to the spiritual and meditative tendencies of these natives. These natives are naturally deep thinkers. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Pisces which will enhance the spiritual abilities of these natives.

Rahu in Pisces natives tend to face numerous problems in business matters. Hence, they tend to involve themselves in unnecessary travels. These natives tend to travel to foreign nations on a frequent basis. These people tend to work hard in life, but they will not get the desired results. There are indications that these natives might suffer from mental problems and distress. These natives sometimes suffer from sleeplessness. These individuals tend to feel detached in relationships which causes them to face problems with spouses.

Pisces represents the water element while Rahu represents air. However, the air of Rahu is stormy and turbulent which tends to disturb the calm and peaceful water element by causing stormy seas. In reality, it indicates that these natives will face many difficulties and adversities. Their ability to handle the adversities or difficulties highly depends on the strength and dignity of Jupiter in this combination.

The water element in Vedic astrology is related to emotions and feelings.  Pisces is also a naturally sensitive sign. Hence, Rahu tends to amplify these characteristics thereby producing individuals who are overly sensitive. Since Rahu is the master of illusion, the emotions of these natives are majorly motivated by a desire to manipulate others by using their exaggerated expression of emotions. These natives tend to overdramatize matters and even turn relatively light matters into serious situations. Their prime motive is to gain love, affection, and support from others. These natives often want others to feel their emotions, both positive and negative. Pisces also represents dreams and subconscious mind. When Rahu is placed in Pisces, they tend to have dreams which are severe, dramatic, vivid and frightening. Since these natives experience a wide range on intensive emotions in dreams, it enables them to deal with matters in practical life and control their conscious mind more effectively. If Jupiter is dignified, it indicates that these natives will have good intentions. They tend to influence others through their emotions in order to help, support and guide others towards betterment. This is due to the fact that Jupiter is the planet of righteousness, ethics and morals. Hence, with Rahu amplifying this planet, these natives tend to put their focus more on the matters related to righteousness and morality. These natives tend to have an increased concentration on ethics and philosophy of life which enables these natives to influence others in a positive manner. A dignified Jupiter helps these natives with an ability to keep their emotions under control. Alternately, if Jupiter is undignified, it tends to bring about negative outcomes   of this placement. An undignified Jupiter tend to decrease righteousness and makes them indifferent towards higher truths, morals and ethics. This lack of righteousness will be amplified by the master of illusion in Pisces which indicates that these natives will manipulate others for selfish purposes. Hence, these individuals due to weakened Jupiter will be highly deceptive and unfaithful since they will resort to manipulation tactics that are unethical.

Pisces zodiac sign is of mutable modality which denotes versatility, flexibility, adaptability and resourcefulness. Rahu is also considered as a flexible entity. Hence Rahu in Pisces also increases the ability to adapt to various circumstances and environments. These individuals are very flexible with their thought processes which enables them to handle issues with fresh tactics.  These natives tend to be extremely clever and skilled in changing their direction in life. They have an innate ability to tackle problems with ease by changing their course of action, ideas or thought processes. These natives tend to be extremely versatile and resourceful. They are very adept at getting and analysing new information extremely quickly and effectively to make proper choices. Pisces is a sign which is known for its rich and fertile imagination. Rahu is also very unusual, unconventional and creative which harmonizes well with the 12th sign Pisces which signifies imagination. Hence, these natives tend to have an expanded imagination which will enable these natives to form images in their mind which are not even present in the material world. They have the ability to harness their imagination by recreating those images on paper or easel through the art of painting. Their highly refined imagination also stimulates innovation and supports creative thinking. These individuals tend to have an increased desire for physical pleasures that stimulate all their senses.

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