Rahu in Leo or Rahu in Simha Rashi

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Balan Panicker

Balan Panicker

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Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by Sun. Rahu shares an inimical relationship with Sun. Hence, the placement of Rahu in the sign of its enemy will bring about unfavourable results. Leo is a fire sign which signified aggression, desire, passion and ambition. Rahu intensifies all these traits in these natives They have a strong desire to have their ethics and beliefs recognized and admired. 

Rahu in Leo natives tend to be detached from their families. This may occur due to misunderstandings or clash of opinions with their fathers. These individuals are extremely good at forming strategies. They are endowed with an excellent intellect and sharp mind. These natives are intelligent yet shrewd. They are highly egoistic and self-centred at times. They will face some minor problems with Children and progeny matters. These natives to love to travel in forest areas. They are very courageous in nature and they have very good debating skills as well.

Sun, which is the lord of Leo sign is the planet of self-awareness and self-esteem. The air of Rahu adds power to the flames of fiery Leo in order to create individuals who will be extremely self-confident. These natives will display excessive pride. Their self-awareness will reach its peak level and they will expect others to notice that as well. Hence, they will be exhibitionists in the truest sense of the word. If they don’t get the required recognition, appreciation and attention they desire, these natives will become dramatic in their way of expression. These natives will often do anything in order to attain spotlight. If Sun is strong and dignified in this placement, then these natives will have better control over their ego and will not become overly dramatic. This placement will automatically increase the self-esteem of these natives which will naturally attract the attention of others around them in their society. These natives will be very dynamic, active and full of strength which others would find irresistibly attractive. These natives will have an innate desire to attract the attention of others in order to transfer the important message that will benefit everyone around them. 

Rahu in Leo natives tend to be true to their own selves who will not let others undermine them or take advantage of them. This indicates that these natives will have immense self-worth. Rahu mainly signifies worldly desires and ambitions which is same as Leo. Hence, these natives have a strong yet deep desire to become famous and widely known.  When Sun is dignified, it tends to soften the sense of self-awareness. It also means that these natives will not have high expectations from others. Hence, they will not feel disappointed when they don’t get the required appreciation and attention. 

This placement also helps these natives in choosing the right kind of friends. However, if Sun is undignified in this placement, then it indicates that these natives will be extremely sensitive and overdramatic.  They can also hurt others with their harsh use of words due to the aggression provided by Rahu. Sometimes, these natives tend to have delusional expectations on how others should treat them which often leads to quarrels, disputes and fights when their expectations are not met.  In a nutshell, these natives tend to get hurt very easily when their expectations are not met. Hence, this will lead to decreased self-confidence which invariably results in practising unethical behaviour. This may also cause them to become stagnant and depressed. This may lead them to form friendships with bad people who will lead them to indulge in bad habits thus creating addictions. This will naturally cause damage to their life, social image, standing and personality.

Leo is a fixed sign; Rahu increases the stubbornness of this sign. If Sun is dignified in this placement, then these natives will be extremely stubborn and persistent. These individuals will try to attain whatever goals they have set with single minded determination and persistence. Their fixed disposition helps them to be very decisive and resilient. However, if Sun is undignified, then these natives can become very rigid and hard to be around with. They can be easily provoked, and they will not be accommodative of others’ ideas and opinions. This undignified placement of Rahu in Leo will often cause these natives to try unethical or illegal shortcuts in order to achieve their goals and ambitions. As a result, these natives tend to become erratic, wicked, selfish and elusive and also apply these traits in order to achieve their selfish goals.

Leo is a unique and independent sign which is also an attribute of Rahu which also wants to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Hence, the individuals with Rahu in Leo tend to be innately unique in their behaviour and have a strong desire to lead a free and independent life.

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