Rahu in Gemini or Rahu in Mithun Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

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Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Mercury shares a positive relationship with Rahu. Both the planets are airy. Individuals born under this combination tend to be very skilful in many fields. Rahu bestows its natives with mystery and manipulation while Mercury gives wisdom and intelligence. Hence, these natives tend to very intelligent as well as tactful. These individuals have solutions to almost all problems that arise in their surroundings. However, these natives tend to be confused and indecisive.

Rahu in Gemini natives are endowed with good communication skills which enables to debate and argue well. However, they can be impulsive in speech. These natives tend to be extremely confident in taking risks which also means that they are very courageous. These natives show a great aptitude in computer and other related technical fields. They can do exceptionally well in the field of media and communication. These natives possess a clever mind, but they tend to overthink which leads to stress, tension and anxiety.

Mercury, which rules Gemini signifies wit and mental intelligence. Rahu in this sign amplifies these traits. Hence, these natives tend to be extremely intelligent with a strategic way of thinking. If Mercury is dignified, then it indicates that these natives will use their clever mind on noble pursuits and good intentions. These natives tend to have powerful mental abilities and capable of solving the most difficult problems even under the most adverse circumstances. Rahu, the master of illusion when combined with wit and intellect of Mercury can make these natives extremely advanced in strategic thinking. Since they are strategically clever individuals, they tend to solve even the most difficult tasks in efficient, quick and powerful ways. However, if Mercury is undignified, then these natives will often use their wit and intellect for sinful purposes. This is because Rahu is already a planet of deception. An undignified Mercury enhances the deceptive nature thus creating a very dangerous genius. Such individuals can deceive almost anyone with their clever intellect, and they can successfully pull off fraudulent schemes.

Gemini is a socially active sign which is ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury. Hence, Rahu placed in this sign will further increases the sociable and communicative traits of these natives. Hence, they tend to be experts in influencing others with their way of communication. Hence, these natives tend to perform brilliantly in areas where strong communication skills, both verbal and written, are required. If Mercury is dignified in this placement, then it indicates that they will use their gift of gab for ethical purposes. However, if Mercury is undignified, it indicates that the natives will utilize their power of communication for deceitful purposes. Hence, they can deceive others with their well-crafted lies. In addition to the above, they will also attract like-minded people who in turn are also fraudulent and secretive.

Mercury, which is the ruling planet of Gemini is considered as the planet of merchants and merchandise. Hence, the placement of Rahu in Gemini will greatly boost their entrepreneurial skills. Hence, these natives tend to be innately wise in trading and merchandising since they can think in a strategic way and handle complex tasks with ease. Mercury is also the planet of complex calculations. Therefore, these natives are endowed with great arithmetic abilities, analytical skills and quick calculation skills as well. These natives have the ability to grasp large volumes of complex information quickly and efficiently. Gemini as the 3rd sign of the zodiac signifies desires and ambitions and Rahu also signifies thirst, greed and extreme ambition. Hence, the individuals born under this placement tend to be extremely ambitious yet greedy. These natives are more than willing to do anything to achieve their goals even if it means taking shortcuts. If Mercury is dignified in this placement, then these natives will be inclined to take well researched shortcuts which are also legal. Since these natives are endowed with increased intellect and strategic thinking, they can develop inventive plans on how to succeed in a short period of time. However, if Mercury is undignified, then these natives tend to become overly greedy and ambitious which can not only cause harm themselves but also to others around them.

Since these individuals are willing to do anything to achieve success, even if it requires deception, they can become manipulative and betray their partners in business. Due to the effect of Rahu, which is the master of illusion, the business partners of these natives will be unable to sense the deception and will rarely suspect these natives.

Rahu in Gemini natives have a clever mind due to which they can come up with believable get rich quick schemes or multi-level marketing programs. These natives will also use their communication skill and their quick wit in brainwashing their prospects and making them join these fraudulent schemes.

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