Rahu in Aquarius or Rahu in Kumbh Rashi

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Balan Panicker

Balan Panicker

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Aquarius is a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn. Both Rahu and Saturn are airy planets which share a positive relationship with each other. However, due to the strong influence of the air element, these natives tend to have strong desires and high aspirations. They tend to have a lot of fantasies. Since Saturn is related to society and status, the placement of Rahu in its sign tends to make the natives seek social recognition. These individuals have a strong urge to be admired and respected in their social circle.

Rahu in Aquarius placement tends to affect the health of the natives. These natives tend to suffer from detachment from their loved ones. However, this is an auspicious placement of Rahu in relation to financial prospects of these natives. These natives have a huge potential to earn a lot of wealth in their lives. They have the ability to increase their earning with their own efforts. These natives are endowed with strong willpower which helps them to fulfil their desires. These natives tend to spend a lot on luxury items. They are bestowed with all the resources to carve their own place in the society. These natives have an enormous potential to earn a lot of recognition with their own efforts.

Aquarius is a very sociable sign which signifies large organization, communities, groups of people and large networks. Hence, these natives have an increased desire to socialize and connect to large groups of people. Due to the strong airy influence in their lives, these natives tend to be very flexible and laidback in their way of interaction with others. This means that these natives will be able to tolerate the opinions of others well and take those ideas into consideration. Hence, these individuals will be able to function in large groups efficiently.

Since Rahu is the master of illusion, it empowers them to gather people together effectively using their sociable skills and proficiency in communication. These natives are fascinating in their way of articulating ideas which makes them attractive to listeners. If Saturn is dignified, it indicates that these natives will be active in charitable causes and organizations.

A strong Saturn endows these natives with great respect towards masses. Hence, it gives them a strong desire to achieve high aspirations that are concerned with communities, large networks or large companies. However, if Saturn is undignified in this placement, these natives tend to become very materialistic and greedy. Their sociable nature remains strong but shaded with selfish motives which can make them appear intimidating and dominating to others.  These natives will have an endless yet insatiable thirst for materialistic gains which enables them to get involved with people of the same materialistic mindset.  In a rare case scenario, these individuals might end up in social circles where unethical shortcuts and schemes are produced.

Rahu is a very ambitious and unique astrological entity, just like Aquarius. Hence, individuals who have this combination have naturally enhanced intellect.  Rahu endows these natives with more courage to take risks when it comes to innovative thinking. They have a deep urge and ability to think out of the box to an extent that it makes them eccentric in their social circle. Since Rahu is a manipulative master of illusion, these natives tend to have complete control matters inside the box. This means that they will have a very profound knowledge on how various systems work and how they are connected with human behaviour. This acquired knowledge enables them to influence others with         various creative and innovative ideas.

Rahu, a master of illusion is extremely efficient in Aquarius due to the fact that it indicates modern electronics, electric gadgets and digital pictures while Aquarius signifies networking with large groups of people. Rahu in Aquarius natives tend to have strong understanding of modern electronics and networks which empowers them to flourish and prosper by leveraging the power of digital network. These natives have the ability to integrate their powerful and innovative ideas and empower these ideas by using modern digital and social networks to make it spread at an exponentially faster rate. These natives tend to be successful bloggers, social media influencers and great thought leaders.

Since Saturn is a planet of experience and wisdom, it tends to endow these natives with an ability to think in a mature way. Their ideas are generally beneficial to the society and they will receive great support, especially in social media or large groups of people with common interests. However, an undignified Saturn in this placement indicates that these natives will be trying to go against their traditions in order to prosper with their innovative ideas. Hence, they will encounter a lot of opposition and controversy from the society. Rahu is Aquarius natives tend to be highly freedom-loving and independent spirits

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