Moon in Gemini or Moon in Mithun Rashi

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Karan Manchanda

Karan Manchanda

Celebrity Astrologer having around 12 years experience in Vedic Astrology, Ner & Color Therapy. Regular contributor in media channels .Speaks English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

Gemini is a dual sign ruled by Mercury, which shares an inimical relationship with Moon. Mercury is a neutral earthy planet while Moon is a feminine watery planet. This placement of Moon makes the natives friendly, cheerful, reserved, and lonely. These natives have an amazing ability to make quick observations. Moon in Gemini natives tend to be mentally sharp and alert. They are exceptionally good with multi-tasking and are quite versatile. They are understanding and perceptive in nature.

Since these natives are naturally outgoing and sociable, they will have a huge social circle. Mercury is the planet which rules communication. Hence, they will talk a lot and establish relationships with other people. They are blessed with a good sense of humour. Communication is their biggest strength, both oral and written. Sometimes, these natives do become moody and emotional. Since these natives are quite restless and curious, their mind is constantly absorbed in search of new information. They can be good mathematicians and writers as well. Their intellectual range is also very high which enables them to take intelligent yet wise decisions for the future.

Gemini Moon natives are known to be lively at heart, talkative, charming and creative. They do have a unique ability to charm anyone with their words. In a negative sense, they can manipulate words to use them for their advantages as well. Since their mind is filled with many ideas and options, they find it rather difficult to make up their minds or take a major decision. They tend to have fluctuating emotions, feelings and even personalities; hence, it is very difficult for others to understand these natives. These natives can come across as irresponsible by people who have conservative outlook. Their mind is constantly on the run, jumping from one idea to another. 

Since these natives are naturally curious with loads of information in their minds, they need a person to talk to about their ideas, emotions and impressions of the world. These natives can easily strike a conversation with anyone; however, they will maintain the conversation on a surface level and will not like to dig further. Thus, they give the impression of “Jack of all trades, Master of none!”

Gemini Moon natives tend to possess eccentric observation skills that amuse their closed ones. They feel nervous and are worried most of the time. Hence, they feel restless and involve themselves in multiple interests at the same time. These natives have a strong urge for variety and changes in their lives. These individuals do not like to be confined to their domestic lives, they love to explore new social avenues to meet and talk with new people in order to make their lives interesting. Some of them do this to stay relevant. They are fun, pleasant and friendly. Hence, their associates, friends and partners would love to spend more time with these natives. They are highly optimistic people who love to make people see the brighter side of things in life. These natives are clever, witty, talkative and brainstormers by nature. They possess an active, curious and versatile mind. They have a lively intellect and they keep themselves updated with all the happenings in the world. They tend to grasp complex ideas and concepts quickly and easily. They will never face scarcity of new ideas, and never lag or stay quiet in any discussions or debates.

Since these natives have a habit of seeking constant mental stimulation, they tend to get bored very easily. They tend to be flighty and have many scattered ideas and thoughts. These natives are known to be absent-minded since they tend to hold many ideas and thoughts in their mind that they forget many major and minor events in their lives. They can be unstable as they switch from one career to another based on their own whims and fancies. These natives are energetic and quick to start new projects or ventures; however, their enthusiasm doesn’t stay longer, and they will not be able to finish the projects in a successful manner. They tend to struggle with the decision-making process and hence, in the end, they are left high and dry when it comes out to finishing these projects. Sometimes, these natives tend to spend a lot of hours analysing the pros and cons of the projects at hand and then they will jump from one task to another and to the next which impacts their credibility. These natives will face a hard time when they are overwhelmed with emotions and in these moments, they will find it difficult still to identify their mood. Since they have a very limited inner social circle, they will not be able to share their inner deep feelings. Hence, a presence of many emotions may lead to distraction, restlessness, unhappiness and may even lead these natives to depression.

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