Moon in Cancer or Moon in Kark Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

A very experienced Astrologer having expertise in Vedic Astrology , KP Astrology & Vastu. A Very talented multi-linguistic personality. Speaks Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

Cancer is owned by Moon and so Moon naturally feels at home in this placement. Hence, it’s a positive placement for the Moon. Moon in Cancer natives have a strong drive and determination, but they are also accommodating and compromising in nature. They are very emotional, sensitive and receptive to others’ feelings. They have a rich and fertile imagination coupled with a sense of creativity. Since they are sentimental in nature, it affects their decision-making ability when they need to make practical and unbiased choices. Emotions influence them more than Logic. These natives tend to hide their feelings; however, they are good listeners to others’ problems.

Cancer Moon Natives are deeply attached to their home and family. For these natives, a sense of security is important for their peace of mind. They tend to flourish in places where they feel secured, loved and cherished. They are romantic individuals who place a high value on relationships, loyalty and emotional security. They are very peace-loving and gentle souls; however, they do become Moody due to Moon’s constant changing phases. They also tend to be suspicious and mistrusting at times.

Cancer Moon natives are extremely sensitive, creative and nurturing by nature. These natives are blessed with an excellent and sharp memory. They never forget the events that have happened in their lives. Though they seem to be very tough and strong on the outside, their heart is very soft. Cancer’s need for security is two-dimensional. They need emotional security as well as financial security. These natives can be miserly or stingy in nature. They love to save plenty of money as savings for their future than spend in unworthy things or pursuits. These natives also have a sense of duty and responsibility towards everyone they know. They tend to be vulnerable and get depressed easily since they empathize with the suffering individuals. They are very intuitive and often find it difficult to trust others easily. They are content with the familiar settings and comforts of a domestic life, but unpredictability and sudden changes may make them uncomfortable and unhappy.

Cancer Moon natives tend to get defensive when some hurts or betrays their trust. They like to stay in touch with their feelings. They have a unique habit of balancing their instinct with practicality. These natives have strong maternal instincts and love to take care of and nurture almost everyone. They can sense the feelings of the people around them at a deeper level. They develop strong friendship bonds even with total strangers. Since these natives are naturally gifted with strong intuition, they can easily pick up how others are feeling or what they need at that point in time. They are very complex by nature. Since they are blessed with an excellent memory, they rarely forget birthdays, anniversaries and other important events of their lives as well as in the lives of their closed ones. They highly value their culture, traditions and customs. These natives love spending time with family and friends. They have strong ties with their closed ones. They are very protective of their closed ones and are extremely affectionate towards them. They also possess a unique sense of humour.

Cancer Moon natives are known to be extremely moody and sensitive. Hence, they may behave unpredictably at times. They may also have feelings on insecurity for their closed ones. Even during seemingly insignificant meetings or interactions when someone pokes or advises them, these natives can become overly emotional and get hurt easily. They tend to retreat into their shell when they don’t get enough emotional support of feel uncomfortable.

Moon in Cancer natives often hide in the land of illusions and imaginary well-being during rough times, bad mood, failures and dangers and they have an escapist mentality. These natives will have a lot of trouble letting go of their past since they tend to hold on to their memories like treasured items. Since they tend to become overly possessive, they will adopt stalking attitudes to get the attention of their loved ones.

Moon in Cancer natives tend to have an artistic talent or at least appreciation for arts. These natives will be skilled in arts like singing, dancing, acting, sketching and painting. These natives are vulnerable to the influence of those with whom they spend the most time, making it hard to understand whether they are expressing their own viewpoints or merely reflecting those of someone else. These natives to tend to cling to unhappy emotional situations even after they find happiness elsewhere. In some cases, lack of motivation can make them lazy, disorganized and sloppy. Cancer Moon natives have a natural streak of domesticity, the potential of which includes gardening cooking or concern with household furnishing. These individuals are sincerely dedicated to getting their own way and attaining personal goals.

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