Mercury in Leo or Mercury in Simha Rashi

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OP Rathore

OP Rathore

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Leo is a fixed fire sign which indicates all things royal. Sun is the ruler of Leo and Mercury shares a friendly relationship with it. Mercury rules communication and when it is placed in Leo, the natives will have a royal manner of speech, refined yet bold. These natives will be blessed with a commanding voice and manner. These natives tend to very intelligent and have a strong thinking power. Their mental powers are exceptional. These natives have string willpower and confidence, these natives can influence and lead the masses. They are endowed with superior leadership skills and the influence of Mercury will keep them away from domineering attitude.

Mercury in Leo natives are strong individuals who will always strive to do well in their lives. They strive hard to achieve their ambitions and have a strong desire to be famous. They love to the center of all action and want others’ attention too. They will do well in field that require them to operate at leadership roles. These individuals have the potential to earn a lot of wealth throughout their lives. They are blessed with an impressive disposition and personality. They seek independence in all aspects of their lives. They are very forceful and authoritative in the way they express themselves to others. They will do brilliantly well in the positions of authority. These natives will excel as leaders, politicians, astrologers, teachers, counsellors, administrators etc.

Mercury in Leo natives tend to get involved in disputes or enmity with women. They love travel and adventure. These natives tend to be very argumentative by mentality. They will be interested in speculation such as stock market. These natives will be well versed and learned in the ancient sastras. Leo is a fire sign which is notorious for exhibiting short-tempered behaviour. The fixed nature makes Leo a very steadfast and decisive sign. Since Mercury is the planet of mental intellect, it endows its natives with a very fiery and steadfast mindset. Mercury in Leo placement creates a 3rd disposition which indicates communication, both written and verbal. Hence, these natives will have a very assertive and straightforward way of communicating with others. In addition to the above, 3rd disposition also indicates courage while Leo is the sign of valour. Hence, a dignified and strong Mercury in this sign endows these natives with great valour which is expressed through their way of interacting with others. These natives tend to be extremely passionate when it comes to their hobbies and interests. Their innate passion enables and motivates them to upskill and enhance their skillsets to the next level.

Since Mercury in Leo natives are highly ambitious and enthusiastic by nature, they are naturally courageous enough to act and harness their wisdom, intelligence and skills to produce great results. If Sun is dignified and strong, then it empowers the natives with great self-confidence. Hence, these natives tend to be very confident and radiant. They will be confident about achieving their goals and desires. However, an undignified Sun tends to decrease self-confidence a lot which also reduces the motivation, courage and the ability to act.

Sun which is the ruler of Leo is a planet of light, truth and ethics. Leo also signifies righteousness. Hence, Sun must be dignified in order to produce a righteous and truthful person. These natives have a considerable amount of righteousness within their souls. Mercury is the planet of intelligence and its presence in Leo will make the natives to seek truth and enlightenment. Hence, they tend to display a lot of interest in spiritual topics and have immense potential to attain spiritual awakening. When Sun in dignified and strong, it empowers their truth seeking and righteous nature. These natives have strong imagination which enhances their creativity. This empowers their intellect as well. They are creatively intelligent people who have a storehouse of unique and powerful ideas. Sun provides vitality to its natives and hence, there is an increased energy and motivation to manifest ideas into reality.

Mercury is Leo creates a 12th disposition which gives its natives the ability to manifest their unique ideas into reality using the wisdom and intelligence of both Leo and Mercury. The energies formed out of this disposition gives these natives a desire to isolate themselves from everything that is practical, traditional, normal or conventional. Hence, these natives tend to be rebellious due to dissolved practicality. This also means that they cannot adhere to routine and traditional mindset. This rebellious trait when combined with the fixed nature of Leo also makes them stick to their ideas regardless of any obstacles or opposition they will receive. If a strong and dignified Sun supports the creativity of Mercury in Leo, they will become famous in whatever they do. A strong Sun makes these natives shine brightly which help their ideas to get the desired recognition.

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