Mercury in Aquarius or Mercury in Kumbh Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

A very experienced Astrologer having expertise in Vedic Astrology , KP Astrology & Vastu. A Very talented multi-linguistic personality. Speaks Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn. While Mercury in Capricorn people are grounded and realistic, those born with Mercury in Aquarius tend to brag and boast a lot and love to take lot of risks in their lives. These individuals are extremely hyperactive filled with lots of thoughts, emotions, feels and also words which makes them talkative. These natives have a storehouse of innovative and original yet abstract ideas. They are emotionally detached but also equally aware of the pain of others. These natives are humble and humane who are always ready to help those in need. They tend to carry the burden of others’ problems on their shoulders. This quality makes them very popular among the members of their society.

Mercury in Aquarius natives tend to involve themselves in social service without getting involved emotionally. They tend to act based on logic rather than emotion and passion. These natives are also blessed with a powerful intuition which helps them easily judge other people’s motives and intentions clearly. They value the ideals of equality, liberty and justice. These natives do not believe in cheating and will always like to play fair in all areas of their lives. They have a very accommodating nature which makes others open up to them.  These natives are always open to new ideas and have a witty sense of humour which keeps the atmosphere light around them.

According to the ancient scriptures of Vedic Astrology, these natives can also be quarrelsome, argumentative and ignorant. This effect is due to the 6th disposition which indicates quarrels, litigation, disputes, criticism and debates. Hence, these natives tend to be innately quarrelsome and very critical in their thinking and way of interacting with others. If Saturn is well placed and dignified, then these natives can utilize their critical thinking and communication skills in a positive manner. It can also make these natives dutiful, responsible and disciplined. Hence, these natives can motivate and discipline their co-workers or assistants effectively with their critical attitude. These natives are positively argumentative which enables them to initiate discussions on new ideas, projects and improvements that can benefit all the members of their team, organization, community or society in general. Aided by the intellect of Mercury, these natives can be skilful in delivering their criticism without hurting the sentiments of their listeners. However, if Saturn is undignified, then their criticisms will be generally be motivated by negativity and selfishness. It can also make these individuals timid, undisciplined and irresponsible.

Mercury in Aquarius natives can tolerate criticisms from others as they know how much they can learn by receiving the critical viewpoints of others. They tend to use the criticisms of others constructively by improving their interaction and communication with others. Hence, in the process, they become excellent communicators gradually. These natives tend to be extremely dutiful and responsible in their tasks and work-related activities. If there is a presence of undignified Saturn, then these natives can be sensitive to criticism. They can also be provoked and easily angered when someone expresses criticism towards them.

Mercury in Aquarius natives loves to think outside the box and generate innovative ideas to support creativity. Hence, these natives tend to acquire knowledge and apply them in creation of various interesting and innovative ideas. The flexibility of Mercury enables these natives to adapt to different views and opinions as well. Empowered with the energy of Aquarius, these natives like to experiment and find new ways to conduct their daily routine activities. They will channelize these energies to start new projects. Since these natives are able to control their ego, they tend to be flexible, tolerant and humble which allows them to implement their ideas along with the ideas of those around them. A strong Saturn helps them with the confidence to persist even after facing many failures. These natives tend to consider failures as their biggest teachers since it helps them to come up with newer, better and strong innovative ideas which can benefit the entire community.

Mercury in Aquarius natives are very compassionate due to the direct result of a well manifested 6th disposition. These natives can sympathize with their peers, subordinates or teammates. They can understand the motives, needs and ideas of others around them. They can handle objections and rejections in a calm and stable manner.

Aquarius is one of the most curious signs in the Zodiac. With the presence of Mercury in this sign, these individuals can be extremely inquisitive to quench their thirst for knowledge and new information. These natives are ready to discover various theories, ideas, opinions, arguments, and general aspects of human behaviour. They have an innate love for acquiring information from various sources such as books, scriptures, and from networking with other people. They are skilful in using this acquired knowledge to make their tasks easier thus becoming efficient in the process.

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