Mercury in Virgo or Mercury in Kanya Rashi

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Himanshu Dubey

Himanshu Dubey

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Virgo is a dual Earth sign which is ruled by Mercury. Since Mercury is placed in its own sign in an exalted position, this placement is considered positive in Vedic Astrology. Th energy of Mercury bestows its natives with rational mind and practical approach. These individuals are very cautious and prudent in their dealings. These individuals are perfectly suited for entrepreneurship as they have strong business acumen. They have an excellent attention to detail and their actions are backed by cold logic and common sense. They have exceptional observation and analytical abilities.

Mercury in Virgo natives thrive in intellectually challenging environments. Intellectual stimulation is something these natives find extremely important and necessary. Since they have an analytical mindset, they will excel in fields like mathematics and accounts. They will be excellent teachers, brilliant accountants and skilful astrologers. These natives tend to utilize their education and skills effectively in order to get success in their professional life. They seek to strive for financial stability and security. Mercury in Virgo endows these natives with strong communication skills. Hence, they will do well in written communication as well. Writing is a good career option for these individuals.

Mercury in Virgo natives are liberal, knowledgeable or intelligent. They tend to love righteousness (Dharma) very much. They tend to be naturally inclined towards science and architecture or fine arts. Since these natives are naturally pleasant in speech, they tend to be liked by the members of opposite sex.

Mercury in Virgo is in first and fourth from its own signs, Virgo and Gemini respectively. The first disposition means that the planet is in its own sign. The special feature of this 1st astrological domain is that it’s a trine house or Trikona Bhava and quadrant house or Kendra Bhava at the same time which indicates soul vitality, confidence, dignity, righteousness, courage, honour, prosperity, etc.

Mercury is also placed in 4th from its another sign Gemini. The 4th disposition is an auspicious quadrant or Kendra Bhava which indicates peace of mind, domestic happiness, motherly care, mental comfort, physical comforts, luxuries, property, land, etc. Since Mercury is the planet of intelligence which gives the ability to distinguish good from the bad. Since it forms the first disposition in this exalted placement, it tends to create very dignified and righteous individuals. Mercury in Virgo natives are often bestowed with herbalism abilities, gardening talents and an interest in natural methods of healing.

Since Mercury is exalted in its own sign Virgo, these natives are extremely competitive and brave. However, they are not naturally fearless. They tend to reason and analyse the causes of their fears using the energies of Mercury (Analytics). They tend to tackle all their issues by caution and prudence. Since Mercury is a naturally benefic planet, it tends to take a softer approach in dealing with opposition. These natives would use strategic thinking to win over their enemies rather than using brute physical strength. Their analytical approach to problems and their fears endows them with the ability to persevere despite hardships and struggles. They can face reality and not hide from it. As per the ancient stories, Mercury represents the Messenger, who was able to deliver and protect information and messages successfully while overcoming difficulties quickly and efficiently.

Mercury is the planet of communication and information transfer in both written and oral forms. Hence, an exalted and dignified Mercury in Virgo endows its natives with excellent communication skills. Their manner of communication radiates compassion, love and wisdom at the same time which makes them brilliant. Mercury refines their style of speaking and writing. Hence, these natives are experts in expression through communication in both written and verbal ways. They can become excellent poets, great writers and articulate orators with their refined speech and beautiful expression of words. Mercury is also a planet of intelligence which bestows its natives with the ability to acquire lots of information, knowledge and details about various subjects. Armed with this knowledge, these individuals are ready for various conversations, debates and arguments.

They have an innate capacity to analyse the body language of others with precision. They can adapt their body language in order to make the conversation comfortable and make others feel comfortable and understood in their presence. These natives are excellent listeners as well. Mercury in Virgo natives are extremely clever and intelligent. Their biggest strength is their minds. They use their clever strategy in order to win over their enemies. They are very tactical and tricky as well.

Mercury in Virgo natives are extremely precise and correct in their work. These individuals tend to do well in service-oriented businesses. They have a huge amount of organizational skills that helps them to rise in their chosen field of service or entrepreneurship. They tend to use their witty mindset and strategic mind to build large and successful networks with massive followers. 

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