Mars in Taurus or Mars in Vrishabh Rashi

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Jothidar Ramkey

Jothidar Ramkey

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Taurus is ruled by Venus which is a feminine watery planet. It shares a neutral relationship with Mars which is a fierce masculine energy. When Mars is positioned in Taurus, its energies are not pronounced or active. These natives tend to have a low physical drive and level of activity. But they do compensate it with an amazing level of mental concentration. These individuals have a habit of learning from their mistakes and experiences. They are also stable and determined people who are very capable of achieving great things in life.

Mars in Taurus natives tend to have a strong inclination towards beauty and arts like music, paintings, luxuries. This can be attributed to the influence of Venus which is the planet of beauty. These natives are very desirous of leading a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Mars endows these natives with the ability to manage their money wisely. Hence, they tend to be prudent regarding financial matters. These natives tend to be naturally inclined towards love and sensuality. These natives are known to be overly possessive and violent in love and sexual matters due to the surplus energy provided by Mars.

Mars is the planet of drive while Venus-ruled Taurus indicates sensual pleasures. Hence, Mars which is a planet of action directs its energies towards the indicators of Venus like love, romance, sensuality, beauty and luxury. Mars in Taurus produces a 7th disposition which enhances sensual pleasures. This placement creates extremely passionate individuals who have the power, drive and motivation to seduce their partners. Additionally, Mars casts a direct aspect upon Scorpio which increases the passion and adds mystical and deep intonation along with it. These natives tend to be aggressive as well as passionate in their sexual relationships. A dignified Venus in this placement indicates that these individuals will be able to enjoy an interesting married life in which their extremely high libido and passion will be constantly utilized and satisfied. By using their great passion, these natives can maintain great spark and passion for a very long time with their spouse which invariably improves the quality of matrimony. However, if an undignified Venus guides Mars in this placement, then it indicates that these natives will have trouble keeping their excessive sensual desires under control. Hence, this can often end up in these natives seeking illicit physical relationships with married people as well. It also indicates their inability to maintain peace and harmony in their relationships. Since Mars form a 2nd disposition which signifies home and family matters, these natives can damage the reputation of their family with their uncontrolled passion and sensual desires due to the presence of undignified Venus.

The 2nd disposition formed by this placement also denotes speech while Mars is a dominant, aggressive and fiery planet. Hence, Mars in Taurus natives tend to be assertive and straightforward in their speech. These natives are also impulsive since they tend to express themselves before thinking the import of their words. This can be due the influence of fiery Mars combined with the stubborn nature of Taurus. They tend to talk before they think. If Venus is strong and dignified in this sign, then it creates a balanced, harmonious and justice-loving individuals. These natives tend to strive for peace and harmony with their family members and they are ready to establish justice with their assertive power and strict use of words. These individuals will dominantly promote or advertise their values, views and ideas. However, if Venus is undignified in this placement, then these natives can be aggressively dominant and stubborn with their views even if these are not in harmony with equity and justice. It can also make these individuals deceptive and untruthful.

Mars in Taurus produces 7th disposition which also indicates society and compromises. Hence, an undignified Venus can make these natives stubborn, inflexible and antagonistic towards societal norms and regulations. Taurus is a fixed earth sign. When Mars become placed in Taurus, it tends to make the natives very headstrong, stubborn and persistent. When they work towards achieving their goals, they become extremely determined and persistent to achieve it in any way by applying the Martian traits of passion, force and will power. Since it’s an earth sign, these natives tend to be practical, realistic, and stubborn in their belief systems. With a strong and dignified Venus, these natives will be able to achieve their goals very easily since Venus will provide them the motivation and the drive to act righteously in accordance with societal norms and conditions. However, if Venus is dignified, Mars gives power and motivation to keep persisting with unethical and socially unacceptable goals.

Mars in Taurus natives tend to be extremely desirous of luxury and sensuous pleasures. They are especially fond of hedonistic, luxurious and lavish lifestyle. They will put in lots of efforts in order to attain this lifestyle.

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