Mars in Sagittarius or Mars in Dhanu Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

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Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign which is ruled by Jupiter. Mars shares a friendly relationship with Jupiter. Hence, this placement turns out to be positive and beneficial for its natives. Jupiter signifies luck, fortune and expansion while Mars indicates energy, drive and passion. In this combination, Jupiter reduces the negative energy of Mars which makes these natives mentally strong and wise. Mars in Sagittarius natives have a great potential in themselves to be famous and become well-known in their life. They have a keen sense of justice. They have their own set of opinions and convictions. They tend to fight for their beliefs which makes them a bit argumentative.

Mars in Sagittarius natives are adept in areas such as communication, writing and fine arts too. These natives tend to be valorous with a strong adventurous streak. They enjoy freedom and do not like their personal space to be invaded. They have immense wanderlust due to which they like to travel freely and undertake new adventures. These individuals are mentally very active due to which they can be great teachers, ministers and priests. These natives possess an excellent knowledge of religious scriptures due to the influence of Jupiter which is the planet of higher wisdom.

Sagittarius is the 9th Zodiac sign which indicates truth and righteousness. Mars in Sagittarius produces a 9th disposition which also indicate the same significations and hence, they enhance the energies of this combination. This placement tends to create individuals who are brave enough to put up a fight in order to protect righteousness in the world around them. Hence, their minor contributions influence the world in great ways. A dignified Mars in Sagittarius ensures that these natives are pure and noble. These natives take a great delight in protecting the good and righteous people. The courage provided by Mars enables them to be fearless even in face on fear. They will do anything to ensure that the truth is protected. A strong Jupiter makes these natives faithful as well. However, an undignified Jupiter can make these natives self-righteous which means that they are not willing to accept their mistakes easily. They will also consider themselves to be spiritually and morally superior to others. It also tends to reduce their dignity and truthfulness.

Mars in Jupiter natives tend to have a strong desire to harness their philosophical ideas and higher wisdom to influence reality. Their main goal is to be resourceful and spread this wisdom far and wide. These natives tend to love travelling which helps them to understand various cultures and history behind religious sculptures. There are indications that these natives will be involved in construction or maintenance of religious buildings, monuments, schools and universities. A dignified Jupiter ensures that these natives will be extremely generous which will also motivate them to perform charitable deeds for the betterment of their society. However, an undignified Jupiter indicates that these natives will do humanitarian deeds to gain social support and become famous.

Mars in Sagittarius natives tend to have an increased self-esteem and bravery due to the positive indications of this combination. Mars is a planet of courage which becomes strong in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a fiery and brave side of Jupiter. Hence, these influences combine together to create individuals who are inherently brave, righteous, faithful and bold. These natives tend to speak words that radiate truth, righteousness and higher wisdom due to the auspiciously formed 2nd disposition. These natives are also dutiful and devoted to religious duties. This effect is provided by the 9th disposition which signifies righteousness. A dignified Jupiter enables these natives to have unshakeable faith in their abilities which helps them to succeed even when they have odds stacked against them.

Mars in Sagittarius and extremely resourceful and efficient leaders who have the potential to lead large numbers of people towards success and glory. These natives are naturally gifted with foresightedness and good planning skills. These traits help them to make decisions and execute them effectively in order to obtain the desired results. These individuals are also skilled in defeating their opponents efficiently by using higher wisdom, faith, valour, adaptability, vision, and resourcefulness. An influence of a dignified Jupiter also bestows its natives with luck and good fortune which ensures that these natives will have higher chances of success and prosperity.

Mars in Sagittarius natives tend to be straightforward, honest, sharp and energetic in their speech. They can be extremely influential speakers due to their impeccable communication skills. Though these natives are truthful, they also tend to be dominant, assertive and are immensely capable of convincing others. Due to the presence of this style of communication, they can be excellent teachers, philosophers, religious priests, preachers and evangelists. Mars in Sagittarius natives are blessed with huge amount of luck and fortune. Due to the favourable 2nd disposition, these natives are skilled in accumulating wealth.

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