Mars in Libra or Mars in Tula Rashi

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Karan Manchanda

Karan Manchanda

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Libra is a cardinal air sign which is ruled by Venus. Mars shares a neutral relationship with Venus. Mars is a fiery masculine planet while Venus is a watery feminine planet, but their combination together form a balanced personality. Mars in Libra natives are charming, generous and socially outgoing. They tend to be affectionate and helpful in nature. These natives are blessed with strong communication skills along with amazing persuasive powers. They are good at resolving disputes and settling arguments.

Mars in Libra natives tend to be of a balanced temperament. They can be gentle yet firm and tough yet tender. These natives have a strong inclination towards arts and beauty. Emotional satisfaction is more important for them than carnal and sensual passions. These native tend to be romantic but their sexual drive will be on the lower side. They will be interested in spiritual pursuits and will generally be god-fearing. They will be brilliant businessmen who desire to lead a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. They are known to be spendthrifts. They have a cooperative in relationships which enables them to make more friends than foes.

Mars is a very adventurous planet which signifies action. Mars in Libra produces 7th and 12th disposition which indicates travelling and foreign lands respectively. Hence, these natives have a strong urge to explore new places, landscapes and foreign lands. They have immense wanderlust. These natives are known to be restless adventurers. They are enterprising individuals who have risk-taking ability and the curiosity to succeed in ventures. Since Libra is a cardinal sign, it indicates the power to initiate, motivation and ability to act quick. The 7th disposition also indicates trading, marketplaces and partnership ventures. Hence, these natives are naturally inclined towards forming new partnerships and starting joint ventures. Since Mars is exiled from its own sign Aries, these natives tend to do everything slowly in a balanced or risk-free way. They will take calculated risks to their highly analytical mindset.

Mars in Libra natives are very socially active, but Venus tames the aggressive attitude of Mars considerably to an extent that these natives will have a compassionate attitude which makes the others feel they are cared for. A dignified Venus will be able to guide the neutral Mars positively thus ensuring that they will be pursuing their goals in an ethical and righteous manner. Since they a high social support, these natives will have more chances in becoming prosperous. However, if there is an undignified Venus in this placement, then these natives will be unable to display compassionate and harmonious way of dealing with their issues. Hence, their success in partnership ventures will be greatly decreased. It also makes them overly materialistic which invariably reduces their spiritual and ethical traits. Undignified Venus produces a negatively manifested 12th disposition which causes losses and difficult obstacles.

Mars in Libra produces 12th disposition which means that these individuals are prone to spend a lot of money on expenses. It mainly depends on the strength and dignity of Venus in this combination. A weakened or undignified Venus indicates that these natives will spend a large portion of their hard-earned income on unnecessary items. These natives will face legal issues which naturally cause high fluctuation in their finances which can cause many financial roadblocks. However, if Venus is dignified in this placement, it will bless its natives with significant gains which helps them to spend on articles that they desire and need. They are advised to spend on items that improve their overall quality of life rather than on unnecessary stuff. These natives have a strong desire to lead a luxurious lifestyle due to strong Venus which is the planet of love, beauty and luxury.

When Mars is placed in a sensitive sign like Libra, it softens the aggressive nature of Mars. Hence, these natives will be soft and sensuous in nature. This is also caused by the 7th disposition formed by this combination which also indicates sensuality and physical enjoyments. The 12th disposition also represents bedroom comforts which enhances these effects. Hence, Mars in Libra natives tend to be sensual, charming and very flirtatious. They are also sensitive. If Venus is dignified and well-placed in this combination, then it can enhance their sensuality greatly and make them very pleasant as well. It also ensures that their increased sensuality is not used for negative purposes such as illicit relationship with forbidden partners. However, if Venus is undignified, then it misguides the enhanced sensuality of these natives. Hence, these natives might end up using their special charm in seducing those who are already in a committed relationship. They are also disposed towards flirting with the spouses of their friends or acquaintances. It can sometimes lead to enjoyment of dirty pleasures. Mars in Libra natives tend to strive for peace and harmony in their relationships.

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