Mars in Cancer or Mars in Kark Rashi

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Kirti Sethi

Kirti Sethi

Based out of Mumbai , he is Celebrity Astrologer having more than 20 years experience in Vedic Astrology & Reiki Healing techniques. Regularly visits Hidamba in Manali to enhance his reiki techniques. Speaks English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign ruled by Moon which is a feminine watery planet. Mars is a fiery and masculine planet which shares a friendly relationship with Moon. Hence, this placement brings positive results to its natives. Mars in Cancer natives tend to value their physical energy rather than emotional strength. These individuals are mentally strong and resolute since Moon signifies mind and Mars denotes power. These natives tend to express their energy in an emotional manner due to the influence of Moon which indicates emotions.

Mars in Cancer natives are not strict, demanding and assertive; however, they are very compromising in nature. They do not compromise on their belief systems and will not even allow others to change their mindset. They are independent and hardworking individuals who invest a lot of time and effort in order to realize their ambitions. Since there is plenty of feelings and sensual needs, these natives tend to be excessively passionate in love and sexual matters.

Mars in Cancer natives tend to have a flow of emotions which is extremely volatile. This is mainly due to the combination of an emotionally sensitive Moon and a fiery yet impulsive Mars. Since Mars is in debilitated state in this placement, these natives will have a hard time keeping their highly volatile thoughts under control which invariably damages their peace of mind. Mars in Cancer produces a 4th disposition which indicates peace of mind. Since the energies are manifested inauspiciously due to fallen Mars, these natives will experience loss in mental peace and satisfaction. However, if Moon is dignified or cancels the debilitation, then it can help these natives to keep their emotions under control. Hence, they will be resistant to stress and they will have a stable mindset.

Mars in Cancer natives tend to suppress their anger even though they are easily angered on account of their volatile emotions and sensitive nature. The reason behind this lack of expression is due to the loss of courage, strength, fierceness and will power of Mars which prevents from venting out their frustrations and anger. These natives are given to displaced aggression in which they do not express their anger to the actual source but release it onto someone who has no relation with the original conflict. Weakened Mars causes a lack of drive to face the issues directly when it is needed which causes them to control their anger within themselves which causes an explosion of emotions later at an unwarranted time.

Since these natives do not have sufficient amount of courage due to fallen Mars, they usually release their aggression and anger on individuals who are weaker than themselves such as close blood relatives. This can be attributed to the negative manifestation of energies of the 4th disposition which represents domestic peace. However, if a dignified Moon supports the weak Mars, then it stabilizes the mindset of these natives and make them compassionate enough thus ensuring domestic peace and harmony.

Mars in Cancer natives tend to lack the energy and valour since Mars is in debilitated state in this placement. This will lead to poor decision making in which they will make choices based on personal weaknesses rather than general ethics. Errors of judgement can also be caused by the lack of righteousness, ethics and morals. This lack of courage can lead to situations in which they will be unable to stand up for truth and righteousness because they fear to confront bad people. These natives also tend to associate with unethical and immoral people. However, if Moon is dignified, then it can improve the thinking patterns of these natives by making them more dignified and righteous. Hence, they will be focused on ethical pursuits which will eventually bring them more luck, prosperity, fortune, and success in their undertakings. A strong Moon also blesses these natives with great cognitive abilities which will allow them to make more logical decisions which will also enhance their judgement skills.

Mars in Cancer natives are generally incapable of attacking someone physically. This can be due to their inherent lack of courage. However, it is compensated by their amazing mental powers with which they attack their enemies. They have a lot of mental tricks up their sleeve, they can be clever and cunning while carrying out an attack. Sometimes, their opponents will not even be aware of what these natives are plotting in their minds. It is this level of abstraction and ingenuity of thought that makes these natives mentally tough and intensely intelligent. Since they do want a direct confrontation with their enemies, these natives tend to perform their strategic attacks in a disguised manner. Mars in Cancer forms a 9th disposition from its own sign Scorpio. Hence, it strengthens their clever mind and blesses them with an intellect that is strong, very deep, penetrating and envious.

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