Mars in Aquarius or Mars in Kumbh Rashi

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Jothidar Chandrasekaran

Jothidar Chandrasekaran

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Aquarius is a fixed air sign which is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is considered an enemy of Mars. However, this is a positive placement when compared to Mars in Capricorn since Capricorn natives tend to be reserved, aloof and stubborn, and Saturn enhances this tendency of Capricorn. Mars in Aquarius natives tend to focus on the intellectual side of life. They are blessed with strong organization ability and good analytical skills as well. They are very pragmatic and logical in their approach. These natives have the potential to become great leaders since they think towards betterment of community, society and the world. These individuals are known to be broadminded and justice loving. They seek to protect the rights of themselves as well as others.

Mars in Aquarius natives are very stable and dependable. Others trust them easily. They also tend to expect the same level of loyalty, faithfulness and reliability from others. These individuals love to experiment a lot, and this plays out in their sexual lives as well. They always try to be inventive and create new ideas. These natives are humanitarian individuals who love to perform good deeds. They are also compassionate and noble in thought, activity and deed.

Mars in Aquarius produces a 11th disposition which indicates ambitions and higher aspirations. Hence, these natives will be extremely ambitious and will be highly desirous of attaining their goals. Since Aquarius is a fixed sign, these natives will have an increased level of determination and perseverance. It is difficult to change their minds once their minds are made up. If Saturn is dignified in this placement, then these natives can make decisions and take actions that are well intended. When a strong Saturn guides the Mars in this combination, then it can enable these natives to use fair, legal and ethical tactics to achieve their goals. However, if Saturn is undignified, then it has the power to create a completely different person. It can make the natives fully determined to fulfil desires that are motivated by impure, unethical, unfair or even sinful intentions. Their excessive materialistic desires and overly greedy nature can make them pursue illegal activities for purely selfish purposes.

Mars in Aquarius natives are very inventive and clever. The presence of Mars enhances their power of imagination and creative thinking abilities. These natives tend to perform brilliantly when they are given the freedom to work with their ideas and harness their eccentric way of thinking. If a dignified Saturn guides Mars in Aquarius, then it indicates that these natives will be able to invent resourceful ideas on how to improve their community or their surroundings. They can integrate their original ideas with the ideas of others through consensus and discussions and then come up with excellent solutions on how to solve problems and issues. However, if Saturn is undignified indicates that these natives will have ideas that are motivated by purely selfish desires or purposes. They will be greedy and excessively materialistic as well. This also means that they will lack the humanistic approach and will adopt unethical methods or unfair tactics in order to advance their selfish ideas.

The presence of a dignified Saturn ensures that these natives will have mental peace and contentment. These natives are often blessed with a beautiful home environment, luxurious items and conveyances. However, if Saturn is undignified, it indicates that these natives will have a damaged peace of mind due to being involved with dark energies and harbouring many negative thoughts. Since they tend to focus on negative energies, they often tend to be unsatisfied due to lack of blessings and fulfilled desires. Hence, it is advisable for these individuals to focus on positive energies and uplifting thoughts to prevent the wastage of precious energies from Mars.

Mars in Aquarius produces a 4th disposition which indicates deep emotions and intense desires. Hence, these natives tend to be very fiery and short-tempered from mentality which is mainly caused by pent-up hidden emotions. Since they conceal their emotions from others, it can cause much inner stress gradually. If Saturn is dignified, then it indicates that these natives will be in better position to overcome their anxiety by interacting with people around them. These natives are also blessed with a lot of supporting people who will provide them great moral and emotional support. They are likely to develop a higher level of emotional intelligence in which they are able to identify and label their feelings. Hence, they will be able to channelize their fiery temperament into pursuing better things in life. However, an undignified Saturn can cause these natives to hide their feelings even more which results in creating a greater level of inner stress. After experiencing a series of emotional hardships, these natives tend to develop empathic abilities which helps them to better understand like-minded people from their community.

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