Ketu in Taurus or Ketu in Vrishabh Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

A very experienced Astrologer having expertise in Vedic Astrology , KP Astrology & Vastu. A Very talented multi-linguistic personality. Speaks Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus. Venus shares an average relationship with Ketu. In this combination, Ketu is positioned in an earth sign and in mythology, it is symbolized as the Dragon’s tail. Individuals born under this placement have a strong need to walk freely and tend to seek movement, but the earth element cause by the presence of an earthy sign like Taurus keeps them grounded. These natives tend to be at the crossroads when they have to choose between the need for movement and the need for stability. This placement tends to give pensive mood to its natives.  Hence, these natives are naturally inclined to talk a lot. Sometimes, they can be very insincere. These individuals tend to face obstacles in acquiring luxuries and materialistic comforts they want

Ketu in Taurus placement tends to create hindrances and obstacles in love life. These natives tend to face plenty of issues within their family. They often act in immoral ways which takes them far away from the right directions in life. While these natives tend to be very loving, caring and compassionate; they often struggle to get the same level of love and compassion in return. These natives tend to procrastinate a lot. These natives can be very stubborn and egoistic as well and these traits will often pose a challenge in maintaining relationships.

Ketu gets debilitated in Taurus. The presence of Ketu in Taurus will cause plenty of fluctuations in the natives’ life with specific impact upon wealth. These individuals would see the period of high affluence as well as of poverty. These natives tend to lose plenty of money through fraud or legal problems. These individuals tend to be heavily attached to wealth and materialistic aspects of the world. They are filled with an insatiable desire for obtaining comfort and pleasure. These individuals are perceived to have instability in mind along with lack of peace and harmony. This placement also tends to make the natives selfish since they like their own comfort above everything else. This placement gives fits of energy followed by period of weariness and laziness.

Ketu in Taurus means that these natives had emphasized their attention on material things in the past. Since there was an overemphasis on their importance, there must be abandonment of a possessive or materialistic attitude. In the present life, these individuals are learning on how to accept the revolutionary changes within themselves as the conditions in their life. Hence, these natives like to rest, thinking that their soul journey is over. Since they find it difficult to develop the strength for future changes, these individuals tenaciously cling to old behavioural patterns which served them well during past incarnations. Hence, they tend to have the same desire for materialistic comforts which they had in the past lives as well.

Ketu in Taurus natives tend to have an intense need to prove themselves worthy of respect since their ego had undergone so much damage in their past lives. Hence, these natives tend to push themselves towards success at any cost.  These natives need to become more active in joint endeavours such as business partnerships, encounter groups, community projects etc. These natives are advised to sharpen and develop their imagination. These natives tend to believe that the development of willpower is important to handle the problems that arise in their lives. These natives are also fond of self-help books and success formulae that promise unlimited earnings. According to the principles of Vedic astrology, these natives are advised to develop insight which will improve their success potential drastically.

Ketu in Taurus individuals have the potential do well in occult sciences like astrology, palmistry and tarot.  These individuals can be brilliant in the field of chemistry. These natives tend to be slower learners than most, often relying on traditional social attitudes for their worldview. They tend to have a preoccupied focus towards materialism which can be changed if they redirect their attention from the outer world and possessions towards self-understanding and inner growth. This will naturally result in increased self-esteem and assertiveness, which comes from inner stability rather than being based on external supports, habit patterns and material possessions.

Ketu in Taurus natives tend to suffer from ailments related to throat. These natives tend to lack happiness in their married lives due to their sharp speech. There are indications that they may lose some money during the course of their life or may even end up staying away from their families for a brief period of time. These natives will mostly work in fields that are related to lights or fine arts. Sometimes, these natives have the possibility of losing their job through indiscretion and foolish actions. The above indications were already mentioned in the ancient classical Vedic astrological text “Bhirgu Nadi”. 

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