Ketu in Aries or Ketu in Mesh Rashi

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Balan Panicker

Balan Panicker

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Aries is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars, which shares a good relationship with Ketu. Ketu provides similar results as Mars. Ketu is dragon’s tail. As per Hindu mythology, it is considered to be headless. Individuals both with Ketu in Aries tend to be careless in their actions and speech. Aries is ruled by Mars which is a fiery masculine planet and Ketu tends to add mindlessness to the natives. Hence, these natives often speak unnecessarily and without thinking.

Ketu in Aries natives tend to be cheerful, talkative and are fluent in many languages. However, these natives can be moody sometimes. They have an instable and unpredictable disposition. These natives tend to always like change and love to move from one place to another. These natives like to lead simple yet uncluttered lives. These natives have a string urge to lead a calm, quiet and contented life. These natives usually prefer diplomatic methods in dealing with difficult situations. They also like to work behind the scenes rather than be in the spotlight. These natives are extremely hardworking, determined and persistent. In the matters of love and relationships, these natives tend to be very anxious and doubtful.

Ketu is the second shadow planet. These natives are blessed with a pleasing appearance. This placement creates mixed reflections upon all the natives. This positioning of Ketu in Aries has beneficial as well as negative effects. People born under the sign of Aries are very aggressive. However, when Ketu is placed in this aggressive sign, it tends to calm them down and decrease the aggressiveness to some extent. These natives will not have a hasty approach towards life. Instead, they will have a cautious and measured approach in life. These natives never take any risks or indulge in adventures. Hence, they tend to believe in a simple life rather than taking any unnecessary risks.

Ketu in Aries natives do not have any desire whatsoever to be directly in the limelight. They even do want to dominate any proceedings in their life. These individuals are self-conscious individuals who believe in competing with themselves rather than getting into a fight with others. These individuals often tend to follow a different path in life for the peace of mind which it would provide. They would never force or ask others to follow this path.

Ketu in Aries natives tend to suffer from self-doubt which is revealed by the fact that they do not want to reveal their whole self in front of others. They only reveal to those whom they trust with all their heart. These natives may appear aloof and distant from others. In relationships, these natives tend to be filled with anxiety and fear. Sometimes, it may ruin or destroy the relationship eventually. These natives have a constant need to engage in conversations with like-minded people so that they can share the wealth of information which they possess, and they will also remain aloof when they do so.

If Ketu is in Aries and not associated with any malefic planet, then these individuals will be endowed with the potential to become well respected in the society. These natives can become wealthy. They will do brilliantly well in army since they have a commanding personality. They tend to be brave and courageous as well. These natives will be very fortunate in life. However, if there are any malefic planets associated with this placement, then these natives will often live in harmony with others.

Ketu in Aries natives tend to suffer from health issues like migraine or headache. These natives also suffer from mental stress or tension since they tend to strain a lot by working hard relentlessly. These individuals are very spiritual or religious in nature.

It is said in ancient Vedic scriptures that Ketu in Aries individuals would have spent their past lives with a lot of physical activities, pleasures, temper and aggression. In that life, they would have gained and lost many things simultaneously as they could not balance them correctly. In this life, these natives will be mild, calm, gentle, dignified and upright. They tend to do most of the things with a sense of justice. These natives have the potential to achieve many successes in life without fighting out for it. They can do this just by harnessing their immensely powerful mental energies. These natives will never be fond of going after materialistic comforts and luxuries. However, they will be lucky and fortunate to obtain plenty of such materialistic comforts, conveyances, items and articles. These individuals are very competent and efficient in their field of activity. However, they tend to shy away from accepting leadership positions.  When leadership is finally thrusted on them after initial reluctance, these natives will masterfully handle the responsibility and bring forth excellent results. These natives will be respected and admired by their subordinates and colleagues.

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