Jupiter in Virgo or Jupiter in Kanya Rashi

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Jothidar Ramkey

Jothidar Ramkey

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Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury, which share an inimical relationship with Jupiter. However, since both the planets are benefic in nature, their relationship does not affect these natives negatively. This placement bestows its natives with boundless ambition. These natives have great communication skills since Jupiter expands what Virgo signifies. These natives tend to be very intelligent who are also very hungry to obtain new knowledge. Hence, they tend to keep their mind open to new ideas and information. They are very cautious and methodical in life.

Jupiter in Virgo natives have a pragmatic and practical outlook in life. They have an amazing attention to details which enables them to want evidence or proof before believing something. Hence, they can be extremely analytical and logical in their approach. Jupiter’s influence will give these natives natural inclinations towards reading spiritual books and scriptures. These individuals are known to be very loving, caring and pure at heart. These individuals are generous; however, they are very practical in their giving as well. These natives are often blessed with an intelligent partner, fortunate life, and the necessary skills required to create such a life.

As per the principles of Vedic astrology, the placement of the planet Jupiter in Virgo expands the conscious intelligence and wisdom of the individuals with this planetary combination. Their argumentative and critical thinking abilities are enhanced in this placement. This is due to the affliction of Jupiter being placed in the sign of its enemy. Jupiter bestows these natives with higher wisdom which they will put to practical use by serving humanity. These natives tend to be very kind-hearted who are eager to help the underprivileged people in the world. Due to their inherent knack for perfectionism, these natives take care of the little details that others might miss out. Jupiter harmonizes or stabilises the economy of the world in order to serve the underprivileged, these effects are provided by the positioning of Jupiter in 6th sign Virgo and the direct aspect upon 12th sign Pisces of expenditure.

Virgo is known for their perfectionism. Jupiter amplifies these traits with its expansiveness thus enabling Jupiter in Virgo natives to be very skilled organizers. They have a special ability to see greatness in small details.

Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, signifies writing and when combined with indications of Jupiter, the writing style of these natives will be philosophical, compassionate and poetic. Jupiter brings the effects of its own signs, Pisces and Sagittarius to Virgo. Hence, these natives can become great poets since their writing style is enhanced by a touch of spirituality and finesse. Jupiter in Virgo natives have an abundance of higher wisdom which lends meaning to their words. They are very soft-spoken, courteous and sensitive people. These individuals are argumentative in nature. However, through their pleasant speech and attractive smile, these natives can convince their opponents with their arguments which are backed by strong philosophy (Jupiter). This placement indicates the manifestation of higher knowledge on the material place by expressing it through the conscious intelligence which is a quality given by Mercury. However, these natives to express their spirituality in an analytical or practical manner due to the influence of the earth sign, Virgo.

Jupiter in Virgo produces a 4th disposition since Jupiter is in 4th from its own sign, Sagittarius. Hence, these natives tend to respect traditions and the roots of religious since these are 4th house significations. These natives love to read ancient and traditional literature on topics related to religion, spirituality and philosophy. These natives tend to be conservative regarding religion and spirituality. Since they deeply value the roots of religion, these natives can be rigid regarding their religious values and will fight for their beliefs when confronted. The argumentative nature provided by Mercury which is the ruling planet of Virgo also enables these natives to develop arguments that are very sound and logical. They are also very firm in their religious convictions.

Jupiter is placed in 10th house from its own sign Sagittarius which gives them huge potential to succeed in activities related to Virgo. Hence, these natives will mostly succeed in writing where they can express their spirituality and philosophy. Due to the stability rendered by the earth element of Virgo makes these natives determined in achieving their goals. This placement is very auspicious and beneficial for entrepreneurship since Jupiter expands the interest and drive for material success as per Vedic astrology. However, this is also due to the affliction of Jupiter being placed in an enemy sign. Hence, the spiritual and divine energies of Jupiter will be compromised by analytical, economic and commercial intelligence of Virgo. These natives can be extremely analytical, practical and realistic in initiating partnership ventures. They tend to consider many aspects before starting a new business project.

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