Jupiter in Taurus or Jupiter in Vrishabh Rashi

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Jothidar Ramkey

Jothidar Ramkey

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Taurus is ruled by Venus which is a feminine watery planet. Venus shares a neutral relationship with Jupiter which in turn is inimical towards Venus. However, the position of Jupiter is positive for its natives since both these planets are beneficial in nature. Jupiter in Taurus natives are endowed with a broad body and beautiful appearance. These individuals tend to be spiritual and religious as well with immense faith in the divine. These natives have amazing potential to earn a lot of fortune and wealth throughout their life. In times of need, these natives will have luck favouring them. These natives are also brilliant in the professional sphere of their lives.

Jupiter in Taurus natives are just and wise. They use their wisdom in using their assets and money for spending on finer and luxurious things in life. This placement bestows its natives with enough money and skills to afford this lavish lifestyle. They are also financially stable. These natives are endowed with strong business acumen which enables them to be cautious and patient when it comes to forging business partnerships and signing deals. When faced with critical situations, these natives tend to use subtle tact and hidden wisdom. They are very skilful who love experimenting with new ideas and projects. However, Jupiter in Taurus tends to make these natives very conservative and rigid in their approach.

Jupiter in Taurus produces a 3rd disposition which indicates that these natives will feel unrewarded since they are naturally inclined towards laziness and do not like to put in much effort to get what they truly desire. This disposition also tends to make these individuals contented in their comfort zone which naturally causes them to lose motivation and courage required to act accordingly. However, if Venus is well positioned, then it indicates that these natives will be hardworking and will be able to get good results even without strenuous physical effort since both Jupiter and Venus are natural benefic planets.

The 3rd disposition also indicates that these natives will have issues regarding their style of communication. There is also an affliction of Jupiter in its enemy sign which can make these natives hypocritical and sometimes produce conflicting yet false statements. Their inherent lack of valour makes these natives introverted and less talkative. However, if Venus is well placed, then these natives can still be hypocritical, and they will spread false information via gossip, rumours and idle talk.

Jupiter in Taurus placement produces kind and wealthy persons as per the principles of ancient Vedic astrology. This effect will be possible when Venus is strong and well placed. Taurus is a sign which signifies accumulation of wealth. Jupiter also has the ability to bestow wealth on its natives. Hence, Jupiter in Taurus natives are blessed with abundant wealth and luxurious lifestyle. They are very fortunate regarding wealth and have immense potential to become rich and famous in life.

Taurus along with 2nd house of Vedic astrology represents facial appearance of the natives. Since Jupiter is considered as the most beneficial planet in astrology, the placement of Jupiter in the sign of beauty blesses its natives with a charming yet beautiful facial charm. The 2nd house also rules the speech. Hence, these natives will possess beautiful voice with sweet intonation. Since Jupiter indicates higher wisdom, these natives can be excellent in the field of professions which require oration and public speaking. They have the potential to become excellent professional spokespersons for any brands, sports clubs or media houses. These natives are also skilled in topics relating to ethics and truths of life. Hence, they can be spiritual guides and teachers as well.

Jupiter in Taurus natives tend to be noble and honourable in their behaviour as well their character. This placement tends to bless its natives with kind, gentle and ethical family members. This is due to the 2nd house lordship which indicates family and domestic life. Jupiter is also considered as the planet of fortune in astrology. It tends to bestow its natives with a fortunate and luxurious lifestyle. Venus, which is the lord of Taurus, indicates luxury, sensual pleasures and marital bliss. Hence, these natives will be able to enjoy all these indications in abundance. They also tend to focus more on materialistic pursuits. They tend to utilize their education and higher knowledge in the accumulation of wealth. They have a natural liking towards a luxurious lifestyle.

Jupiter shares an inimical relationship towards Venus. Hence, there will be a loss in significations provided by Jupiter. Jupiter in Taurus natives can be overly sensitive who have a tendency towards excessive enjoyment of earthly pleasures. Due to this, they tend to neglect the matters of the soul. Hence, these natives feel a thirst for higher knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. This empty feel will enable them to perform charitable deeds in order to fill the void in their souls.

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