Jupiter in Sagittarius or Jupiter in Dhanu Rashi

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Himanshu Dubey

Himanshu Dubey

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Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Hence, Jupiter is placed in its own sign which is benefic for the native. These natives tend to be naturally inclined towards religion and spirituality. These individuals are accommodative and compromising in nature. They love to involve themselves in charity and social service. These natives perform brilliantly in the fields such as astrology, banking, teaching, mentorship, counselling, preaching, etc. These natives have a huge potential to earn a plenteous amount of wealth in life. Luck is also on their side. Due to the beneficial aspects, they tend to win in the most challenging situations and circumstances.

Jupiter in Sagittarius natives are bestowed with good business acumen which enables them to succeed as entrepreneurs. These natives are extremely fond of training. Since Jupiter is placed in Sagittarius, these natives are interested in travelling to religious places. These natives tend to have immense faith in their abilities. They are very influential in their social circle. These individuals are determined souls who handle their tasks and responsibilities seriously. They tend to have a strong interest in reading and understanding religious Vedic scriptures. They are more interested in reading and studying books pertaining to religion and spirituality. These natives are also justice loving who love to defend anyone who is in need.

Jupiter in Sagittarius creates a 10th disposition since Jupiter is placed in 10th from its another own sign, Pisces. Hence, this disposition will support these natives to achieve greatly in terms of religious topics. They have a huge potential to become famous spiritual or religious leaders. This placement is also considered as fortunate for its natives as per the ancient Vedic astrology. Jupiter and Sagittarius represent luck and fortune. A strong Jupiter makes these natives extremely fortunate, especially in the matters of fame, reputation and high achievements. These natives have immense capacity to achieve great social rank, attain prestigious status, and occupy authoritative positions. These natives can be experience huge success in business ventures.

Jupiter in Sagittarius natives tend to be extremely kind, humble, generous, and helpful. Due to the 10th disposition, these natives will be ready to perform heroic acts for the betterment of society. They also perform such acts out of selflessness and pure heart. Hence, they will be respected and admired by the members of their society. Since their biggest strength is selflessness, it can facilitate massive success in relation to high achievements, great ranks and social status.

Since Jupiter is placed in its own sign, it bestows its natives with plenty of vitality and strength. The significations of Jupiter become strong and positively expressed in this combination. Jupiter signifies higher wisdom, spirituality, intelligence, luck, wealth, children, good personality, soul, good health, strong body and beautiful appearance. Hence, these natives tend to have these characteristics in abundance. Sagittarius is the natural occupant of the 9th house, which indicates fortune and prosperity according to the principles of ancient Vedic astrology. The lord of this sign is a planet of fortune – Jupiter. Hence, this combination is ideal for earning a lot of wealth. This placement tends to bless its natives with plentiful blessings and auspicious results. Since Jupiter is the main indicator of wealth and its placement in its own sign will expand its indication. Hence, these natives will be extremely wealthy and prosperous in their field of activity. They do not have to struggle hard in order to attain riches and become prosperous. Due to the influence of strong Jupiter in the natal chart of these natives, prosperity comes to them easily and naturally.

The auspicious placement of Jupiter in its own sign Sagittarius is the result of good deeds performed in the past life. Hence, these natives are naturally blessed with prosperous life path. It also indicates that these natives a lot of easy luck and blessings in this life due to the righteous path followed while performing noble deeds in the past life. This placement tends to lead these natives to enlightenment and spiritual growth. Hence, these natives have a great potential to become excellent spiritual guides in this world. The worldview and outlook of these natives will be optimistic due to the beneficial placements. They tend to apply their philosophical wisdom in order to improve the existing conditions of their society or community and guide others towards righteousness and morality.

Jupiter in Sagittarius natives tend to be very proud and self-confident since they are endowed with excellent wisdom and immense intelligence on matters pertaining to spirituality and philosophy. However, a weak or undignified Jupiter can make these natives self-righteous who will be trying to force down their ideas into others. This happens rarely since Jupiter placed in its own sign tends to be auspicious and beneficial for its natives. These individuals are fond of travelling to foreign lands for religious purposes. They travel to these places for obtaining wisdom and spiritual inspiration.

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