Jupiter in Libra or Jupiter in Tula Rashi

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Jothidar Chandrasekaran

Jothidar Chandrasekaran

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Libra is a cardinal air sign, ruled by Venus, which is a feminine watery planet. Jupiter is inimical towards Venus, which in turn is neutral towards it. Despite the enmity, this position of Jupiter is considered to be positive for its natives since both the planets are benefic in nature. Jupiter in Libra natives tend to have a beautiful and pleasing appearance since Venus is the planet of beauty and Jupiter expands it. These natives tend to display a strong interest in ornaments, luxuries and accumulation of wealth. They are also known to be extremely polite and well-mannered and they treat their guests with lots of respect and honour.

Jupiter in Libra natives have a strong faith in God. They are very open-minded with a strong of justice and of the right & wrong (scales represented by Libra). These natives are desirous to lead a life based on strong moral principles. They are attracted to individuals who share similar idealistic views about life as they do. These natives tend to do well in life by making the most of the opportunities that come their way. These individuals are known to share a cordial and harmonious relationship with others around them. These natives are very generous in nature. They love to help those around them and also get involved in social services.

Jupiter in Libra natives are extremely justice-loving individuals as per the ancient Vedic astrology sources. This is due to the combination of higher wisdom and ethics of life of Jupiter with the harmony and balance of Libra. They are naturally inclined towards bringing about peace and harmony in society. There are indications that these natives will become wealthy and affluent in the world in process of doing these activities.

Jupiter in Libra natives are very liberal and immensely kind. Hence, these natives have huge potential to become extremely famous in society for their noble deeds. However, there is an affliction of Jupiter being placed in its inimical sign, there will be some limitations.  The higher knowledge and spirituality of Jupiter will be compromised with the practical knowledge of Libra ruled by Venus. Hence, these natives can cause a certain amount of misunderstanding in the society when they try to integrate spiritual and philosophical values into the society. Libra is the natural occupant of the 7th house which indicates marketplace or society. Here, the masses are not inclined towards following higher values. Hence, this creates a conflict when these natives try to influence the society with higher wisdom and spirituality rather than with practical values. However, if Venus is strong and dignified, it indicates that the natives can beautify spiritual or philosophical values which enables them to explain clearly these higher values to the society. Due to the strong society, they are able to get well recognized in their society.

Since Libra is the natural occupant of the 7th house which indicates marriage partnership, these natives have high possibilities of finding their perfect match or soul mate. It also indicates that these natives will be blessed with spouses who will be very spiritual, caring and righteous. The benefic influence of Jupiter will bless these natives with marital bliss and harmony. These natives tend to respect their partners which also means that they will be receptive to all the romantic and sensual needs of their partners.

Jupiter in Libra natives tend to look at the outer beauty of their prospective partners instead of looking into the inner beauty of their partner. This is due to the placement of Jupiter in the sign of its enemy. Due to this major flaw in judgement, these natives will often choose partners who will have deficiencies in their souls. However, if Venus is strong and dignified, these natives tend to choose partners who are beautiful or handsome both externally and internally. It also indicates a devoted and highly spiritual partner.

Since 7th house is a house of partnerships, it also indicates business and public relations. Hence, there are indications that these natives will be successful if they launch their new enterprise. This placement also endows them with the traits required to collaborate with others to forge a business alliance. Jupiter in Libra forms a 11th disposition since it is placed in 11th from its own sign Sagittarius. This is a beneficial placement as it indicates the fulfilment of their desires if they are able to apply their spiritual or philosophical ideologies in starting their business. These natives will be blessed with luck and fortune as well.

There is also an 8th disposition which indicates that these natives may face unexpected acts from jealous people against them which causes some damage. This can be attributed to the placement of Jupiter in an inimical sign and thereby, it loses its original strength. These natives are extremely humble and selfless who have an inherent desire to create something for the good of the entire community.

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