Jupiter in Aquarius or Jupiter in Kumbh Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

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Aquarius is a fixed air sign which is also ruled by Saturn, which shares a neutral relationship with Jupiter. When Jupiter in positioned in Aquarius, which is lorded by Saturn, its energy is quite ineffective due to the malefic influence of Saturn.  Since Aquarius is more accommodative and flexible when compared to Capricorn, this placement is better than Jupiter in Capricorn. These natives are very accommodating and welcoming. These individuals are known to be more intellectual and learned than wealthy.

Justice in Aquarius natives are just souls who welcome and accept diversity with open arms. They tend to take people as they are, irrespective of their caste, class, creed, colour or race. These natives tend to be unbiased in every sense of the world. They are very humble, humane, tolerant and compassionate individuals who love to come up with intelligent yet innovative solutions to problems that are plaguing their immediate surroundings. They have a vast mental storehouse of original ideas. These natives are blessed with great imagination which also makes them seem emotionally aloof and tend to be lost in thoughts due to this dreamy nature. They have a meditative nature with a philosophical bent of mind. However, they are undisciplined in the practical affairs of the world.

Jupiter in Aquarius natives are naturally skilled in creating communities and complex networked systems. These natives are highly intellectual and capable of inventing new things in their field of activity. According to ancient Vedic astrology classics, these natives are blessed with great benefits such as wealth, prosperity, intelligence, luxuries and fortunate progeny. It is also said this placement creates similar results as Jupiter in Cancer. These natives will be prosperous and fortunate regarding their desires and fulfilling their ambitions. 

In this placement, intelligence is greatly expanded which is due to multiple astrological indications. Firstly, Aquarius is the sign which signifies original ideas, out-of-the-box thinking, and ingenious ideas. Jupiter also forms a 3rd disposition from its own sign, Sagittarius. The 3rd house indicates mental wit, intelligence and skills. Hence, Jupiter in this sign significantly enhances and expands the intelligence and various skills of these natives. These natives are able to come up with brilliant and original ideas for humanitarian causes.

The placement of Jupiter in Aquarius is considered very auspicious as per Vedic astrology. Jupiter is the natural ruler of the 9th house while Aquarius is the natural occupant of the 11th house. The 9th house indicates luck and fortune while the 11th house signifies profits and fulfilment of desires. Hence, this combination enables its natives to be fortunate regarding prosperity and abundance. These natives will experience significant gains and fulfilment of desires. These natives are also endowed with a highly speculative nature. They tend to be wise investors as well. However, they tend to gain from long-term investments rather than short-term speculations. The influence of the ruling planet Saturn will make these natives to think in a slow, cautious and thorough manner.

Jupiter in the humanistic Aquarius extends compassion and produces humanitarian souls. Hence, Jupiter in Aquarius natives tend to be extremely concerned about humanitarian causes. Hence, they will prefer working in humanitarian organizations and causes. They have the potential and the drive to create new establishments and will try to use their innovative ideas in improving the lives around them. The 12th disposition also empowers these natives to be very kind, humble and charitable, which will also help in creating strong networks. However, if Saturn is undignified, it indicates that these natives will show inclination towards developing excessively harsh and cruel traits.

Jupiter in Aquarius natives tend to use their spiritual wisdom for the betterment of the community or society. They will do this by applying their wisdom to create new projects and inventions. Their deepest desire is to make a better place for everyone. Jupiter in Aquarius natives tend to apply their organizational skills in launching projects for humanitarian causes. This is because Saturn, the ruling planet of Aquarius gives strictness and discipline to Jupiter. It is mentioned in ancient classics that these natives will be successful and capable of becoming great leaders of their communities, circles or networks. The 12th disposition also adds a lot of power to imagination and creativity which further enhances their original and inventive ideas.

Jupiter in Aquarius natives tend to be popular in their social circle. They also have a large circle of friends. There are indications that these natives will be able to establish connections with foreign people around the world via networking. These natives are extremely capable of building strong and healthy friendships. These natives are very socially outgoing and naturally extroverted. These natives are extremely gifted in bringing people together for creating meaningful projects for the betterment of human lives. Their outgoing nature and strong communication skills significantly supports them in their undertakings.

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