Jupiter in 7th House of Birth Chart

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Deepika Jain

Deepika Jain

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Effects of Jupiter Residing in the Seventh House of One’s Birth Chart
Every planet in the horoscope come sup with positive or negative effects. An astrologer studies the position of planets making the future predictions. It helps an individual to become aware of the upcoming troubles and the astrologer suggests solutions to overcome the difficulties.

Seventh house in horoscope indicates partnership, business, love, marriage, career, venture etc. Natives with Jupiter in the 7 th house have a high level of intelligence and they achieve success in life. They lead a wealthy lifestyle exploring the true pleasures in life. Natives worship Lord Brahma to defend against the malefic effects of Jupiter and it’s good to consult a spiritual healer or an astrologer. It helps you to understand the position of Jupiter in your horoscope and accordingly you can plan the actions making life easier. One can worship the Beej mantra ‘Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namah’.

There is the lal kitab remedy where one needs to worship Lord Shiva to improve the position of Jupiter in the horoscope. One should avoid keeping any idols inside the house and gradually you can feel the effects happening to one’s life. Learning the Yoga Once the Jupiter gets in the seventh position Hamsa yoga is formed and an individual would become educated and helpful. An astrologer develops the detailed horoscope and he/she
analyses the position of the Jupiter predicting whether Hamsa yoga is created. It also brings in wealth and prosperity and an individual lead a long life. The person becomes confident and he/she goes ahead achieving the goals in life.

The astrologer first prepares the horoscope chart, which clearly shows the position of planets. So, one gets an idea of the position of the Jupiter and accordingly get the solutions to improve the position. The astrologer may use the Jupiter yantra, which has the magical powers to bring in the positive effects. Yantras feature a geometrical or numerical formation
and a spiritual healer worships it daily enhancing the power of the yantra.
Contributing for Jupiter The position of Jupiter in one’s horoscope results in positive or negative impacts. An aggrieved Jupiter may give rise to issues related to career, health, marriage and relationship.

If you face troubles you can donate turmeric or yellow sweets and clothes on Thursday and it brings in the benefits in real-time. An elderly priest or spiritual healer carries out the rituals and make sure that the Vedic mantras are chanted properly. You can perform these rituals on every Thursday and gradually you can get the results as Jupiter enters the 7 th position in the horoscope chart. Effects of Jupiter Residing in the Seventh House
According to Vedic astrology Jupiter in the 7 th position is considered auspicious and here you get a clear view of it’s impacts in an individual’s life:

  1. Jupiter in the seventh house brings wealth and luck that helps an individual to lead a better way of life. You can thus explore true joy and happiness in life and you can go ahead achieving real success in life.
  2. This position of Jupiter in male or female horoscope denotes a blissful married life. It improves the emotion of the couples and they can feel the true touch of love. They would respect each other and it brings in the heavenly blessings. The bond of their relationship becomes stronger and you can now give life a new start.
  3. Jupiter in the seventh position helps an individual to practice spiritualism that brings in the ultimate serenity. You can feel the peace touching your mind and soul that boosts your energy level and you come up with a better performance.
  4. Native born with Jupiter in the 7 th position show extreme kindness and they are born to make betterment of the mankind. They provide support to people helping them to improve the standard of living.
  5. An individual with Jupiter in the 7 th position would get married to a person who has fair and yellowish complexion. Spouse would be learned and well-educated and he would have good influence in the society.
  6. One gets married to a wealthy and affluent family and the spouse would have good religious beliefs. He/she would be caring and thus life becomes full of joy and ecstasy.
  7. Overall, these are the positive aspects and a person would enjoy a better lifestyle that makes him/her feel happy.

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