Taurus and Gemini Compatibility
Taurus and Gemini Compatibility


Security, Subtle Stregth, Apriciation, Instruction, Passion

Lucky Color :Pink
lucky number :6
Ruling Planet :Venus
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Scorpio, Cancer

Their lucky gem is Diamond.


Communication, Indecision, Inquisitive, Intelligent, Chageable

Lucky Color :Yellow
lucky number :7
Ruling Planet :Mercury
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Sagittarius, Aquarius

Their lucky gem is Emerald.

Main Characteristics

When Taurus and Gemini form a love pair, they must take a lot of time to understand the dynamics of their relationship. Though it will take some adjustments, compromise, tact and effort from both sides, they will have a lot to offer one another and lots to learn in this relationship. Taurus’s slow and steady practical approach to life is in stark contrast to Gemini’s light, fast paced intellectual approach to life. Hence, Gemini might perceive Taurus as being dull while Taurus might see Gemini as being flighty. However, Taurus can help Gemini to become more responsible and deeply involved in life while Gemini can help Taurus to become more cheerful and spontaneous. Taurus is a Fixed Earth Sign and Gemini is a Mutable Air Sign. If both partners regularly communicate with each other, then their relationship will be a stable and happy relationship.

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