Leo and Taurus Compatibility
Leo and Taurus Compatibility


Ruling, Warmth, Generosity, Faithful, Intiative

Lucky Color :Red, Gold Yellow
lucky number :19
Ruling Planet :Sun
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Aquarius, Gemini

Their lucky gem is Ruby


Security, Subtle Stregth, Apriciation, Instruction, Passion

Lucky Color :Pink
lucky number :6
Ruling Planet :Venus
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Scorpio, Cancer

Their lucky gem is Diamond.

Main Characteristics

When Taurus and Leo start a love affair, they can be a great couple because they know how to stroke one another’s egos. Taurus needs an ample amount of affection, to be loved and cherished while Leo loves compliments and wants to be adored like royalty. Both are loyal yet possessive lovers. These two signs love status and possessions which means that they will prize physical comforts and luxury. Problems arise because both are very stubborn and hence, they must work hard to understand and accept one another. Taurus and Leo are both fixed signs which means both will tend to shy way from change and prefer to keep things as they are. However, they share a mutual admiration for each other which can result in a romantic bliss which will stand the test of time.

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