Leo and Gemini Compatibility
Leo and Gemini Compatibility


Ruling, Warmth, Generosity, Faithful, Intiative

Lucky Color :Red, Gold Yellow
lucky number :19
Ruling Planet :Sun
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Aquarius, Gemini

Their lucky gem is Ruby


Communication, Indecision, Inquisitive, Intelligent, Chageable

Lucky Color :Yellow
lucky number :7
Ruling Planet :Mercury
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Sagittarius, Aquarius

Their lucky gem is Emerald.

Main Characteristics

When Gemini and Leo start a love relationship, it’s a rather high-spirited and playful relationship powered by optimism and joyful activity. Gemini loves intellectual stimulation thereby attracting them to Leo’s dynamic yet creative spirit. Troubles arise when Gemini feels that Leo is trying to establish dominance and when Leo begins to consider Gemini’s flirtatious approach too seriously. Leo is a fixed sign and Gemini is a Mutable sign. Leo is stubborn, rigid, and resolute in their ideas, ideals and actions. Gemini is extremely flexible, and they can change their viewpoints at the drop of a hat. Both these signs share a youthful, almost childlike worldview. Therefore, this pair can be greatly successful due to their inherent optimism and curious natures.

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