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astro mohana

Murali Mohana

Ratings :1118

Charges: Rs.40/Min

Speaks : Hindi, English, Telugu, Kannada

Experience: 21 Years


Dr.Praveen Reddy

Ratings :2385

Charges: Rs.50/Min

Speaks : Hindi,Telugu,English

Experience: 9 Years

Jyotishi Bharathi

Ratings :1544

Charges: Rs.30/Min

Speaks : Hindi,English,Telugu

Experience: 16 Years


Aditya Shukla

Ratings :837

Charges: Rs.40/Min

Speaks : Marathi, Hindi

Experience: 17 Years



Ratings :677

Charges: Rs.35/Min

Speaks : English, Hindi & Telugu

Experience: 20 Years

astro murthy

Astro Murthy

Ratings :1151

Charges: Rs.60/Min

Speaks : Telugu,English,Hindi

Experience: 25 Years

Customer Testimonials

Excellent Service and 100% accurate predictions by Bharthi Mam. My life has changed after taking the services of Astrorays. Best wishes and Thanks !
Quick Response by the team. I ordered my health report and voila it was delivered within few hours. I would definitely order more services.
Manoj Sharma
Software Professional
Best thing about this service is that i can discuss anything with the astrologer anonymously and all my details are private.I will definitely avail the service again.
Ntin Gupta
I had a great astrology consultation in telugu for 30 mins. I was given timely advice and was told about bad times coming in the near future
Kamna Pandey


In this busy and hectic schedule of our daily lives where we need to take out time for consulting a Telugu Astrologer on important events in life, this platform using this service provides an easy route to consult the Astrologer over phone thereby saving your time as in case of a physical visit to the Astrologer’s place. Thousands of our customers opting our platform to avail our service is a testimonial to that.

Our platform has only Experienced & Qualified Vedic Telugu Astrologers on board. We perform prediction skill tests & thorough background checks.Only after having properly satisfactory feedback we enroll them on our platform.

Once you have made the payment you would get an automated SMS from our end asking you to call on a centralized number within 30 mins. When you call on that number your call would automatically get connected to the astrologer you had booked for.In case for some reason your call doesnt get through , rest assured, we would give you a call back and bridge your call with the Astrologer.

If you have balance minutes on that booking i.e for example you booked for 15 minutes and your call gets disconnected at 10th minute then you can dial again at the centralized number and consume your balance 5 minutes. In case your minutes get exhausted then you have to do a fresh booking.

The Astrologer just needs your Date of Birth, Time of Birth & Place of Birth for casting the horoscope and start predicting.

Book with Confidence , our website runs on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which guarantees end to end encryption and safety. We accept a variety of payment modes like Credit Cards, Net banking, PayTM, UPI. we dont store any Credit card or netbanking details so rest assured !

While bridging the call to the Astrologer – the Astrologer neither sees your number or has any knowledge about your personal details. The centralized platform hides your number while bridging the call so your privacy and anonymity is guaranteed.

Yes sure , please whatsapp on the number given for more information on this.

Best Online Astrology Consultation from Telugu Astrologers

We, AstroRays, are one of the fastest growing Online Astrology Portal where we have verfied and highly experienced Vedic Astrologers from all over the country who help people with guidance through tough times in Life. We’ve a big panel of Telugu Astrologers, Tarot Card Readers, Numerologists, Palmists, Naadi & KP Astrologers to consult and  find guidance for personalised predictions. We have aggregated not only the Best but also renowned Verified & Famous Telugu Astrologers who provide Online Consultation over Phone or Chat. Talk to Telugu Astrologers here to find genuine remedies instantly to ward off problems in Life. Sign up today and take advantage of this affordable portal in consulting the best experts in the field of Astrology.

Typical Topics on which I Can Consult

  1. You can book a telephonic consultation :

  2. Problems related to Business & Career

  3. Delayed Marriage, Love Marriage Issues, Separation.

  4. Progeny & Childbirth issues, Issues in Conceiving

  5. Queries related to Higher Education, Moving Abroad for work/studies.

  6. Relationship problems, Love Problems, Pitrudosh, Court case etc.

Talk to Best Telugu Astrologer Over Phone

Problems in Life ? Struck in confusion ? Well we all have been through it . Sit back, relax and now you can Talk to Astrologer over Phone via our Online Portal – Our evergrowing list of Vedic Astrologers & Telugu Astro Consultants will help you offer personalised predictions to help you solve problems in life.  In this fast paced life people want quick and effective remedies for their problems. Gone are the days where you had to seek an appointment from Telugu astrologer , travel tens of kms to seek solutions to their problems in life – now you can Talk to  Telugu Astrologer at the comfort of your home which is very affordable. Our Astrologers have decades of experience and have assisted thousands of callers all over the world in attaining their goals in life or overcome hurdles in life. If you have any problem in life – may be taking the next important step in career or may be tying the knot with your loved one or may be even troubled in a situation and finding remedies to come out of it , try our Talk to Astrologer over Phone service  for booking a consultation in Telugu.

Best Telugu Astrologers In India

  • Verified & Professional Telugu Astrologers / purohits who have expertise in accurate predictions
  • Simple Remedies for any Doshas in the chart will be suggested as per Vedic Shastras
  • In case you wish to perform Pujas in either person or remotely you can avail our Puja Services which is conducted at our ashram in Varanasi..
  • You will always get to speak to a Telugu Speaking Astrologer who can also converse in Hindi/English/other regional language

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