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After passing out College – there is this major step of life whether to start a business or to take up a Job! Some people are very lucky in whatever they pursue. The placement of planets and their horoscope play a very major role in this. Some people get settled in their career and get instant growth and financial stability while for some its a struggle irrespective of how excellent they were in their academics. We have many a time heard that some students get Govt Jobs easily while some dont. Same holds for business while for some they suceed in any business that they undertake while for others its a long struggle. The Career report at AstroRays is prepared by Astrologers in the Expert Panel who will study and analyse in detail your horoscope based on your birth details. Position of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury play a very important role and they will give you a detailed prediction about the future of the native’s career aspects.This report will let you know about all the doshas that might be present in your kundli, and also about all the effects of planetary bodies in your life . These are some of the factors that are included in this report:

  • Basic Calculative Horoscope: This section of the report will provide you with the basic horoscope having the predictions about your coming time in brief. Chalit chart, moon chart, Navamsa chart, Sarvashtak Varga chart and, Dasamamsa chart will also be a part of this section of this report.
  • General Personality Reading on Career: This section of the report would talk about your personality and preferences in matters of Jobs in Corporate or Govt. Sector. This would also give you a basic idea about the favorable educational field that will be beneficial for you in the near future.
  • Dasha Analysis: This section of the report would come up with the planetary Dashas along with their sub-sub-periods. The position of every planet will also be shown in this section along with their influences in the life of a student. This will show how the position of any planet would influence the preferences of the students and their decisions as well.
  • Simple Remedies Suggestions: This part of the report would provide you with simple remedies which should be done with dedication and faith to achieve a smooth running of your Career Goals and removing obstacles that may come in between. Following these remedies would bring in lot of positivity and play a vital role in your life in achieving success in your career
  • Important Transit Predictions: This part of the Career report will come up with the important periods in your life during which you need to tread carefully to avoid discord or staying away from any new decisions like Job change or settling abroad. You can also use this as a reference index to be mentally prepared to deal with any problems that may come. It will also help you take the right decision at the correct time.

This Career Report can act as your guide in also choosing a right partner as per your planetary positions and favourable rashis or stars to which your partner should belong. Go ahead and Order this Report today to achieve long lasting happiness in your married life.



I was a bit worried about my future career. Initially i was skeptical but later decided to Order the Reports. Seemed like one of the best decision i took! Thanks AstroRays
Maoli Roy
They use a variety of Prediction tools like KP, Parashara, Raman methods to deduce the horoscope predictions.I was satisfied by the Astrologers Team.
Bank Officer
The reports arrived within 2 days,though little late I was happy with the predicitions for the full year and have referred by relative to try AstroRays.
Smita Dubey

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